“Dad, stop overthinking!” Josephine turned away. In fact, Josephine’s admiration toward Jared had grown. Especially after she saw how he had protected her when they encountered Tommy, she felt a sense of security with him around. Suddenly, the hotel manager entered the office and reported, “Mr. Sullivan, Tommy had left with his men. So did Mr. Chance.” “I see. All right!” William nodded. Then he turned to Josephine and instructed, “Josephine, hurry up and gather up the medications needed by Mr. Chance. After that, arrange for someone to watch over Mr. Chance stealthily.


I believe that the Scott family will not let this slide easily.” “Got it!” Josephine nodded and proceeded to carry out the instructions. After Jared left Glamor Hotel, he went back home. By then, it was already noontime. Mother should be expecting me by now. Indeed, Jared saw that the dining table was already full of dishes when he arrived home. His parents were waiting for him to have a meal together. “Is that you, Jared?”

she was grumbling, her face was filled with joy. “Mom, I had to go out to get some things settled,” Jared explained. At that moment, Gary walked out of

 His eyes were filled with excitement when he saw Jared. However, he tried his best to conceal his feelings. “Yeah.” Jared nodded, with his eyes slightly reddened. Being the breadwinner of our family, you used to be a civil servant who everyone looked up to. Back then, you were an energetic and dashing man in a tux. Unfortunately, the past three years must’ve been rough on

of pasta. Jared had a strict upbringing because Gary was an authoritative figure at home. Hence, it had never been a norm for Gary to serve food in the household. Besides, meals were always prepared for Gary instead of the other way around. Indeed, their way of life

“Jared, now that you’re back, you should start looking for a job and a girlfriend. Although our family is not doing well financially, I believe

Once you’re settled down and have your own family, everything will be fine. In the meantime, don’t go looking for

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