Chapter 34,A Man Like None Other

The Dragon Throne was a symbol of one’s status. Although Walter had collected many antiques, the throne was obviously his favorite. Every day, he would sit on it and feel the authority of an emperor. “Mr. Grange, I would like to advise you to burn the Dragon Throne so that you may live longer,” Jared persuaded. “What do you mean?” Walter’s brows knitted at Jared’s words. “Are you cursing me to my death?” Walter was infuriated.


If it wasn’t for Tommy, Jared wouldn’t even have been worthy to step into his villa grounds. And yet, he was now spewing such vile words to him. “Mr. Grange, please calm down. Mr. Chance must have his reasons for saying that.” Tommy sprang to his feet to mollify Walter. Then he turned to Jared. “Mr. Chance, you can be frank with us. After all, Mr. Grange is no outsider.” Tommy naturally knew that Jared was someone capable.

Otherwise, there was no way for him to be the overlord of the Dragon Sect. “Kid, if you’re unable to give me a good reason, no one will be able to save you!” Snorting, Walter stood up from the Dragon Throne. Unfazed, Jared explained with a smile, “The Dragon Throne did belong to an emperor from an ancient dynasty. Unfortunately, it’s covered with a vengeful aura.

otherwise. “The reason you don’t feel anything while being seated is that the spiritual energy within this entire

begun to turn black?” Jared’s words sent a chill down Walter’s spine and jolted him into action. When he took a closer look at the Dragon Throne, he realized the nine dragon heads had indeed turned slightly black compared to the colors on the rest of the throne. “Kid, stop

wanted to save your life in return for the guidance you provided. And yet, you don’t appreciate it. Perhaps this is what fate

you wake up!” With that, Jared turned and left. “Mr. Chance!” With an embarrassed expression on his face, Tommy ran after him. Meanwhile, Walter was stunned after being overwhelmed by Jared’s words. I told no one about my dreams. So, how does he know about it in such great

Finally, Walter nodded in embarrassment. “Ki— Mr. Chance, you’re right. I’ve been having nightmares recently. Moreover, the same

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