Chapter 35,A Man Like None Other

“There is!” Jared nodded. “All I need to do is to extract the Dragon Throne’s hatred and destroy the vengeful dragons.” Walter was ecstatic to hear Jared’s reply. “In that case, Mr. Chance, please go ahead!” “Why should I help you? In your eyes, I’m nothing but a fraud,” Jared sneered. Immediately, Walter was filled with remorse. “Mr. Chance, it was my mistake. I didn’t know any better and offended you instead.


I hope you won’t hold it against me and are willing to save my life!” Walter pleaded sincerely. At the same time, Tommy interceded, “Mr. Chance, Mr. Grange didn’t mean to insult you. I hope you can help him as he will still be of use to us in the future.” Tommy’s intention was obvious. Walter could be instrumental in the Templar Regiment’s expansion in Horington. Therefore, by helping Walter, Jared would be helping the Dragon Sect at the same time.

“Going forward, if you have any use for me, I’ll be at your service.” Walter hurriedly made his stance clear. Only then did Jared nod in agreement. “Fine, I’ll help you destroy the dragons.” With that, Jared walked up to the Dragon Throne. His hand darted out to press on one of the dragon’s heads.

The next moment, a strange scene unfolded. The carved dragon began to emit a faint golden hue. What followed was the sound of agonized dragon roars that rumbled on incessantly.

golden light, the nine dragons began to move and rise into the sky. While their bodies emitted a black mist, they stared

even though there wasn’t any breeze at all. With their mouths gaping wide, both Tommy and Walter were stupefied by the sight of the giant dragons. Walter, in particular, was already

hands, rays of golden light penetrated the dragons’ bodies. Unleashing roars of desperation, the dragons began to morph into balls of

 Draco’s Focus Technique is amazing! It can actually absorb and cultivate energy from hatred too! The thought delighted Jared. Other than cultivating spiritual energy, the Focus Technique was able to do the same with hatred and anger, absorbing them

while, Walter finally recovered from his shock. He quickly went up to Jared and bowed. “Thank you, Mr. Chance, for saving my life. I will never forget this!” “Don’t mention it. I was just doing it for my own self-interest.” Jared waved his hand dismissively. The energy he derived from the hatred absorbed was more than what he could cultivate in half a month’s time. Walter was slightly surprised

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