December had just begun, and it was colder than ever before. Sonia Reed was lying on the sofa blankly, listening to the screams of her mother-in-law, Jean White, coming from downstairs. “Sonia Reed! It’s one thing if you can’t give birth to a child—now, you’ve even started to not cook on time?

Are you trying to starve me and Tyler to death?” In the six years that she was married to Toby Fuller, her mother-in-law had always complained that she was a hen that could not lay eggs. However, no one had stopped to think that her husband had never touched her since the beginning of their marriage.

“Quickly come down and help me organize my school bag! I still have to go to school, for God’s sake!” a teenager urged. Tyler was Toby’s younger brother; he was simply the devil’s spawn. Ever since Sonia married into this family, he had been finding different ways to torture her each day. In his opinion, this sister-in-law that his brother married was an easy target.

Upon hearing that, Sonia went downstairs, entered the kitchen to cook, and then sorted out Tyler’s school bag and lunch boxes like a robot. “Mom, food is ready!” Jean got angry as soon as she saw Sonia’s emotionless look. Immediately, she slammed the glass of water on the table and said, “Gee, Sonia!

You’re spending my son’s money and living in his house, so how dare you wear this scornful expression! Believe it or not, I will call Toby immediately and ask him to divorce you right away!” Sonia’s hand which was holding the dinner plate shook. She then took a deep breath and forced a smile. “Mom, I’m not scornful.”

woman’s support, your place as Mrs. Fuller is guaranteed. After all, you are nothing in front of Tina!” Sonia turned pale when she heard the woman’s name. Tyler saw how the situation unfolded with his own two eyes. Immediately, he

us.” Sonia’s eyelids twitched, and the hands that she’d used to rearrange the plates trembled once more. Jean couldn’t bear to look at Sonia’s fake grievances, so she

back onto the sofa. In the evening, a Maybach stopped at the door. Noticing that, Sonia immediately got up from the

of the celebrities on TV. The man seemed to notice that someone was looking at him, so he looked up to see Sonia. His eyes were cold and merciless. However, Sonia had long accustomed to this look, and

stopped Sonia, who was busy preparing his bath. Hearing

lips and said in a deep voice, “Tina is coming back, so you will move out tomorrow.” Sonia’s heart turned to ice, inch by inch. Surely enough, Tyler was right. “What if I refuse to?” Her voice was soft, like a cloud of misty smoke. Toby

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