Chapter 2,Boss, Your Wife’s Asking for A Divorce, Again!

It was because the doctors were sure that Tina had no chance of waking up that Toby agreed to Sonia’s request. But he had always been indifferent and cold to her. Sonia lifted her chin and looked straight at him without flinching. “I am your wife. Why should I move out while she moves in?”

Toby looked over immediately, his expression slowly sinking, and the darkness in his eyes became more and more frightening. “Why? Because according to Tina, you were the one that crashed your car into her six years ago!” Sonia was startled for a while, and then a bitter smile crept on her face. “What if I said I wasn’t? Would you believe me?”

Toby approached her step by step. Finally forcing her into a corner, he growled coldly, “Do you think I’d believe you?” He stared at her with his dark eyes, and there was nothing but disgust in them. “You’re a woman with a sick mind. I can’t wait to repay Tina’s suffering back to you hundreds and thousands fold!”

Toby’s face was full of coldness. Seeing the ruthlessness in his eyes, Sonia was taken aback. It had been six years; she thought she would be able to break through his defences, even just a little bit. But his heart was still ice-cold. “I did no such thing!” Sonia pursed her lips tightly.

room full of loneliness. Sonia looked at herself in the mirror, pale and worn out. She couldn’t recognize the person in the mirror. She was such a proud person in

let out a sigh of relief slowly. It’s about time I let myself go… …… The next morning, Toby took Tina to the hospital for


Hearing that, Sonia only glanced at him lightly. She then ignored him and walked straight to the door. When Tyler saw

deaf? Didn’t you hear me talking to you? Have you cleaned the room? What about breakfast? Where do you think you’re going?” He was only a sixteen-year-old boy, but not only did he have no respect for his sister-in-law, he even dared to order her to


with a cold face, she said, “Listen up, you little b*stard: From now on, I won’t tolerate you anymore.” However, even though she didn’t put too much force into it, he shouted on purpose, “Mom! Mom! Come here! This b*tch is bullying me!” “What’s wrong, Tyler?” When Jean went downstairs to take

dare you bully my son, you b*tch! I’ll kill you!” It was not as if this old woman hadn’t hit her before. She used to tell herself to bear it for Toby’s sake. But this time round… Sonia

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