Chapter 3,Boss, Your Wife’s Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Charles was her childhood friend, a typical man born with a silver spoon. Looking over at Sonia, Charles asked tentatively, “You’ve finally made up your mind?” “I’ve never been so sure.” Sonia had a smile on her lips ever since she came out of the house.

She was already an exquisite and beautiful lady, and this smile seemed to clear away the haze that had been looming over her face for many years, causing her face to brighten up in an instant. Charles sighed. “I thought you would never wake up for the rest of your life. I’d really been worried sick for you in the past six years.

What do you even like about that sc*mbag anyway?” Sonia nodded. “I know, right. Why was I so dumb?” “Fortunately, you’ve opened your eyes now. Another six years with him, and you’d be old and wrinkly,” Charles continued jokingly. “I’ve already thought about it—if you got kicked out when you got old, I’d reluctantly marry you, then we’d be companions.

I mean, we grew up together, after all,” he added. Sonia rolled her eyes at him. “Shut your mouth.” “By the way, this is the divorce agreement you told me to prepare. Take a look at it.” After accepting the stack of documents, Sonia casually flipped through them. “I won’t take anything from Toby.

up owing him anything in the future.” With that, she signed her name without hesitation. Seeing that she was so happy, Charles couldn’t help but smile and said, “Nice. No hesitation at all, huh?” Sonia put away the pen and raised her eyebrows

she pressed the handrail and pushed the door open. A pretty woman on the hospital bed seemed to have been startled by her; she was hiding in the quilt in horror with tears in her eyes, seemingly terrified


his voice was as cold as ice. “Why are you here?” Sonia took out the divorce agreement from her bag slowly and handed it to him. “Sign this, and I will leave immediately.” After Toby took a look, his face darkened a little, and his voice got even colder. “You want a divorce?” “What do

relieved from your suffering after signing this, won’t you?” Toby raised his eyebrows. His expression was extremely cold and solemn—he wasn’t sure what trick


to him weakly on the hospital bed, “Toby…” This sounded like a hint. Toby looked at Tina and then cast his gaze on Sonia’s face again as his Adam’s apple

bringing Tina home anyway. Isn’t it just right to get this over with immediately? I’ll be out of your way.” “Sonia. Reed.” His voice was freezing cold and

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