Boss, Your Wife’s Asking for A Divorce, Again Chapter 17

Meanwhile, at the Fuller Residence, Toby frowned as he stared at the topic that was currently trending.

Standing beside him, Tom was trembling. “President Fuller, I didn’t do it. Someone must have leaked it on purpose. Do you need me to get someone to stop it from trending?”

“There’s no need for that.” Toby pursed

his lips as indescribable emotions

flashed across his eyes. “The Gray


Family must be behind this.”

Tom understood what he meant.


The Gray Family must have deliberately

leaked the video to suppress SoniaIf

President Fuller helped to stop it from Trendingthe Gray Family would be unhappy. He wouldn‘t want toffend his future fatherinlaw becausof Sonia.

“Then, this matter*

“Don’t worry about it.” Toby turned off

his phone, then raised his head and asked, “Has the Ocean’s Heart


Tom nodded. “It arrived yesterday. As

per your order, Miss Gray’s name is engraved on it.”

“Okay. You can leave now.”

Toby lowered his head and massaged

his temples, then his eyes skimmed over the red divorce certificate in the

trash can, and his head began to hurt

even more.

Triforce Enterprise had a good

reputation in Seafield. The Gray Family

mostly invited upper-class people to

the banquet they held for their

daughter, so it was only natural that

there were opportunities to curry favor

rich and powerful as well

know their

and his

with smiles on

exuded a chilly demeanor, much like the typical Lady of a rich

a piano being played slowly rang

crowd looked over

fresh and

dress, and she was sitting elegantly

Her body seemed to

attracting everyone’s attention.

song was finished, Toby walked


say that

like a golden couple.

smiled and said, “Thank

taking time out

to attend

celebrating Tina’s

major announcement


made today.”

gaze over the

finally landed on Toby. “I’d like to announce

Fuller Group,

to be my son-in-law.”

soon as he finished, there was

uproar from the crowd.

aware of Toby’s divorce, because the news

he was revealed

the future son-in-law


couldn’t help but exclaim


important for a

appeared handsome

a perfect and

with Tina,

gentle and elegant.

out a golden brocade

it, then got down on one


in front of Tina

actions spoke for



moment, the man said,

will you,”

Suddenly, an untimely laugh

interrupted Toby.

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