Chapter 18

Everyone in her surroundings was intrigued, but Sonia turned a blind eye to it all

With an enigmatic smile, she glanced at Toby, who was down on one knee,

Then, she looked at Julia and said listlessly. “First of all, I’m sorry that I came here uninvited. Secondly, who can confirm that the video that’s trending is real? You want to settle the score from six years ago with me? I’ve truly been wrongly accused.”

As she spoke, her gaze landed on Tina.

Tina’s face paled, and she quickly hid behind Toby

When everyone saw this, they began

berating Sonia

“This woman has a lot of guts. She ran

into her car six years ago, yet she still

has the audacity to come to the


“Exactly. Look. Miss Gray is so

frightened. She’s really overstepping.”

Julia noticed how scared her beloved

daughter was, but she wasn’t in the

mood to have nonsensical banter with

Sonia. “What a sharp-tongued girl.

Since you said you were wrongly

accused, then go and explain to the


Julia was about to make a phone call

when Toby stopped her.

The man, who had been silent for a

long time, finally spoke. “Sonia, you shouldn’t be here.”

trying to intimidate



she said somewhat sarcastically,


any rate, we’d

Although you weren’t

me, I never did

you, so how could

the Internet to

Do you so desperately want


twitched, and his grip on the brocade box tightened

to explain

when Toby

with a profound gaze, he

you should stop


as if she had just

joke. “Are

all of them, then

them the

everyone watched in


the video on the projector

was seeing

the one in


Titus spoke,

little gloomy.

you prove this is real?


everything can be faked.”


shot Carl a

and in no time,

got out of


the people

out. He was a

known computer technologist in


words were more

anyone else’s.

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