Ever since Sonia returned home last night, she was in a bad mood, so she drank until midnight. In a daze, she didn’t sleep long before she was awakened by a phone ringing.

Slowly coming to her senses, she reached for her phone that was on the

bedside table and answered, “Hello?”

“President Reed, it’s me-Daphne.”

Upon hearing the other party’s


spontaneous introduction, Sonia

sobered up a bit and quickly


remembered who she was.

The person on the other end was

Charles’ secretary. Charles was afraid

that after she entered Paradigm Co.,

she would have none of her own

people around her, so he gave his secretary to her

“What’s the matter?” Sonia asked while

walking toward the bathroom.

Daphne informed, “There are a few

urgent documents that you need to

settle at the company. When will you

be coming to the office?”

Sonia figured the matter was very

urgent, so she glanced at the time on

her phone. “Around 8.30AM.”

“All right.”

After hanging up the phone, Sonia washed her face with cold water and lelt much better. But, she drank a lot of wine last night, so her head still hurt. She looked in the mirror, and her

expression was a little unpleasant.

After washing up, Sonia tightly pursed her lips when she left the bedroom and

saw the state of the living room.

I must‘ve been out of my mind last night

to have drunk so much.

When Sonia arrived at the office, it was

8.30AM sharp. She had just set one

foot down in the office when Daphne

appeared behind her.

“President Reed, this is the urgent document that needs to be signed.”

“Okay.” While opening the file, she asked the secretary, “Has the contract with Dwells been signed?”

“Originally, it was supposed to be signed at 9.00AM today, but Dwells

regretted it,” Daphne reported helplessly.

“They’re not signing it anymore?” Sonia

frowned and took out her phone. Til

call Charles and ask him to talk to


Daphne hurriedly said, “President Reed, don’t call him. He was going to go to

Dwells to talk business with them thi

moming, but after answering a call, he

told me that there’s something at his

company that he needs to deal with, so he’ll deal with Dwells’ contract when he

comes back.”

this, Sonia

so focused on getting

help that she almost forgot he

company to run and

lot to deal with

Sonia was

President Reed,


today.” After taking a deep breath, Sonia ordered

these few documents first.”

was taken

to wait

to deal

very busy as well,

him to

“Besides, now


it is I

I’ll be criticized before

secure my position.”

do your work, President Reed. I’ll go find out.”

office, leaving Sonia alone

had only

contact with

that there

in the documents, the speed

read the

only one third

the lunch

secretary, she continued

through the rest.

at 2.30PM that she

processing all the documents.

her sore

on the table light

indicate that there

she opened it to

the company

to Palmont for a business trip for two

to your messages in time.


emergency, you can call the number I left

right. Take care


as Sonia replied to

up at the top of the screen,


her bank accounts. When she saw the

million Could it be that Charles

 sold the Ocean‘s

this moment, Carl

‘l know

now, and you need

first. Tell me if it isn’t


I’m really

for help. I


came in an

if it weren’t

ΑΠuldn’ be


belongs to you, Sonia.”

warm when she

message, and


I’ll treat

to Paradigm Co.

will be given back to

plus interest.”

this moment, there

the office door.

“Come in.”

pushed open

in with a box of


from Four Seasons Orchard


Daphne took a

saw that Sonia



who sent

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