Boss, Your Wife’s Asking for A Divorce, Again Chapter 22

“The mango juice is very sweet.” Tina smiled sweetly at Toby, then placed the cup on the table. “Thank you for remembering what i like.”

Toby’s thin lips twitched slightly. “I remember all the things you like.

There’s a fruit farm with decent fruits. Tomorrow, I’ll ask the boss to send two

boxes of mangoes to the Gray

Residence. If there are other fruits


you’d like to eat, you can just tell me.”

“Okay.” Tina responded forcefully. She


started to feel uncomfortable, so she

pushed her chair aside and stood up

as her face became paler. “I’m going to

the restroom. Toby, you can carry on

chatting with my dad.”

Lifting the hem of her dress, she turned and hurried off. Tina had been allergic

to mangoes since she was a child, and having just a little bit would be life threatening. Before she got to the

restroom, she felt her breathing

becoming uneven, then she twisted her

leg and nearly fell down.

“Tina! Tina!” Julia rushed over and

hurriedly held her daughter.

When Julia saw the discomfort on

Tina’s face, she grew anxious. “Are you

out of your mind? You’re allergic to mangoes! Why did you drink the mango juice Toby gave you? Do you have a death wish?”

“Mom, I’m not feeling well…” Tina was

breathing hard and panting as she

tightly clutched Julia’s hand. “Call for a

doctor. You must never let Toby know.

If he asks you, you must say that I love


“How can you still talk about this at such a time?!” Julia rebuked, trying to

help Tina to the lounge.

But, after taking a few steps, Tina felt

so sick that she fainted.

“Tina!” Julia was panicking so much

that she was almost in tears, and she

was all over the place. “Help! Someone


In the banquet hall, Toby and Titus talked for a long time. Toby checked his watch, only to realize that twenty minutes had passed, but Tina hadn’t

retumed yet.

Tina had just recovered, so Toby was afraid that something else had happened to her body. Pushing his

chair back, he got up. “Mr. Gray, I’m

going to look for Tina.”

“Don’t worry. Tina is fine” Julia

happened to return, and when she

heard what Tony said, she chuckled

and assured him, “She’s just a little

sleepy after busying herself with us

today. I’ve brought her to the lounge to

rest.” Then, she added, “Toby, you’ve

also worked hard today. Go back and

rest When Tina

her father and I will bring

banquet had come

indeed a

to trouble

Gray,” Toby said

not so

hope you

your presence

with my

smiled. “Sure. Be

way back.”

then retrieved his coat

to the

he saw

before they

of the banquet

side of the hotel, Tom

When Tom

he hurriedly

of the car. The car



even more

Sonia turning up at the

mind. Not to

that gentle and

young man beside her.

tie. After a


out Carl’s

reported his

Carl was born in

slum area, and it’s close

the transportation system there isn’t developed.

one school, and it’s


to visit

and provided

aid. After he left, he

by Vashine Entertainment


and now,

male model.


become a shareholder

because he helped

Co with her shares, but if the shareholders disagree with her, Paradigm

She hasn’t

before, so



agreed. “President

were forced to

Reed, I can see that you treat her well. Knowing that

Paradigm Co., you

President Gray

Reed in the

sake, so you gave her the Ocean’s Heart to get her to

his eyes to rest for

moment later,

to the



it for Grandma’s

“Yes. Old Mrs.

Miss Reed very much.”

tell that Rose liked Sonia very

returned to the Fuller

hold on

her non-stop.

Tina to visit her, Rose


her face.

Toby thought of

he got

said coldly, “Why are you

that, Tom immediately kept his mouth shut. At this moment, the phone in Toby’s suit pocket vibrated

reached for it, he

with a small hard

his phone first and saw that Tina had sent a

had arrived home.

message, the man


the car. Soon, he

Sonia went

to sign

day. After they

took off his wedding

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