Chapter 25

President Fuller?

Sonia looked at the door of the private

room, just in time to meet Toby’s cold

gaze. After just one second, she averted her eyes and released the

teapot in her hand.


“President Fuller, why are you here?” Chester, who was sitting next to Sonia, stood up and asked politely.

The men in the private room were all


one generation older than Toby-some

even two-but Toby’s power in the

industry was obvious to everyone.

Coupled with the fact that the Fuller

Group was currently at the peak of

their power, they wouldn’t dare get into a public dispute with Toby.

Toby shot Sonia a glance, then walked

in and said in his deep voice, “I heard

that you were here playing cards, Mr.

King, so I came to say hello.”

“It’s Friday today. It’s fine. Come and

play some cards.” As opposed to the

arrogance he displayed in front of

Sonia, at this moment, he was

speaking to Toby with a smile. “It just

so happened that President Reed

came to talk about the order of the

goods, so she stayed to play a few

rounds with us.”

Chester smiled and chimed in. “That’s

right. I’m friends with Sonia’s father, He’s very good at playing cards, but she must be rather unlucky, because she keeps losing.”

The other two bosses muttered a few

words in agreement as well, then they

took the opportunity to exchange

business cards with Toby.

Meanwhile, Sonia was silently fiddling

with her cards.

After receiving the business cards

from the two men, Toby strode toward

Paul and said blankly, “You guys carry

on playing. I’ll just watch.”

Paul understood the man’s actions as

soon as he saw it, so he immediately

gave up his seat.

Toby pulled out the chair and sat down.

It was only at such a close distance did

he notice that Sonia’s turtleneck was

wet, and a little bit of hair was sticking

to her fair neck.

Coughcough!” While she was playing,

Sonia suddenly coughed twice.

Toby felt the chill, then saw that the

open, so he

and closed it



and the

when they saw the way


words. After arranging her cards, she

the waiter


you, but I’m

accepted the

it behind her chair

continuing with the game.

was being,

woman had never

to come here and play cards with a bunch of cunning old foxes. Isn’t

it was because

everyone in the private room knew

in the

suddenly became very harmonious,

no one talked about


others even quietly fed Sonia

not know the

of these

their actions and continued

her hand got worse

The men wanted to

dare do

times, and his brows furrowed even more. When she

and threw it

caught a

the man’s body, she

lightheaded, so


basically picked

and laid them


few days ago, an old customer of mine suddenly placed

signing with him.

learned that your

President Reed. I’m really sorry. I’ll

commerce department later,

contract at 9.00AM

 ask the

goods as soon

showing such kindness, Sonia accepted it. “Then, I’ll have to trouble you with

Couah, cough.”



point where her cheeks were slightly flushed, Toby felt even more agitated. He pulled out

behind her chair and

wrap it around

suddenly stood up to

contact with him.

Fuller, Mr. King, I still have things waiting

playing. Today’s bill is on

picked up her bag


sounds on the tiles, and her slender figure quickly disappeared outside the door of


he played,

there’ll be a

at 7.00PM

and have

some good wine?”

not free tomorrow night,”

as he drew a

didn’t look at it as he stood

at Paul and

the table. His

ex-wife’s card skills are, no one can bully her. Mr. Yancey,

a smile.



Yancey, regarding

a resort in

proposal, and

threw the

then stated

“Mr. Yancey, go find a


then picked up his coat

strode off.

he saw them. “Sonia’s cards were so bad, but after President Fuller took over, he

Meanwhile, Chester seemed paralysed

his seat, as if his soul had

body. “Aren’t they divorced?”


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