Chapter 26

Standing beside the car, Sonia talked on the phone in the cold wind. She felt a little dizzy, and her feet swayed.

Toby’s gaze darkened, then he calmly took the phone from Sonia’s hand and hung up before picking her up and walking to the other side of the car.

Being lifted into the air all of a sudden,

Sonia was shocked, and the umbrella

nearly flew out of her hand. She panicked


and grabbed the man’s shirt with one hand

as her face grew slightly cold.


“Toby, let me down!”

Ignoring herToby opened the passenger

door and stuffed her into the car.

*President Fuller, are you done creating trouble?” Watching as the man tugged on her seatbelt, Sonia snapped coldly, “I can find a driver. You don’t need to care about


During their six years of marriage, Toby never cared about her. The two had only had handful of conversations. But, after their divorce, she and Toby had met several times in just a few days.

When did Seafield become so small?

Toby noticed the discomfort and

stubborness on her faceand annoyance

filled his heart. “The weather is so bad. Even if you order for a substitute driver, no

One will take vour order.”

“It’s my business whether I get one or not.”

“Sonia.” Toby leaned closer to her. His cold breath enveloped her, and his eyes were cold and sullen. “Do you have to be so stubborn?”

There wasn’t much space in the car, so Sonia had nowhere to hide when he approached her.

Her face grew chilly. She was about to speak, but she accidentally glanced behind the man’s back and found that he couldn’t

hold the umbrella when he carried her into

the car. It was raining heavily outside, so

most of his back was wet.

Sonia’s heart gave a fierce shudder, and

the words she was about to say died in her

mouth as she quickly looked awav.

Toby cast her a glance before continuing to pull the seat belt across her. However,

because he was too close, his fingers accidentally rubbed against her heaving


Both of them froze.

Sonia was the first to react. She pulled the seat belt from his hand and inserted it into

the buckle.

Toby’s Adam’s apple bobbed. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. I know you didn’t mean to do it, President Fuller.” Sonia thought about

what Chester said when they were playing

cards just now, and she couldn’t help but

taunt him. “President Fuller, you’re a rare

‘saint” that’s only seen once every thousand vears!”

Met with the woman’s cold remarks, Toby frowned, but he quickly got into the driver’s

seat and started the engine.

Toby asked, “Where do you live?”

“Bayside Residence,” Sonia answered stonily, then looked out the window and

rested her chin on her hands.

Neither of them spoke again. Silence filled the car, the only sound was the slight swiping of the wipers.

Sonia had been exposed to the rain, so she

was feeling very uncomfortable.

Now that the heater was blowing hot wind,

the cold was replaced with heat. After a

while, she grew groggy and fell asleep in

the car.

They soon arrived at Bayside Residence, but Toby didn’t know which building Sonia

lived in. Seeing how flushed her face was, he figured she had caught a cold, so he looked for a drugstore along the road and got down to buy a box of flu medicine.

“Sonia.” Toby patted the woman on the cheek. “Have some flu medicine.”

After calling her several times, Sonia still didn’t respond, but she coughed a few times. Hence, he took the medicine, then

pinched her jaw and forced the medicine

into her mouth.

Sonia’s lips were a bit cold, but very soft. It

felt a little seductive, which made it

difficult for Toby to control himself as he

plunged deeper in.

All of a sudden, the phone on the car’s ammest vibrated.

Toby returned to his senses. His eyes

scanned over Sonia‘s slightly swollen lips,

whereupon he realized what he had just

done. His eyebrows twitched, then he

answered the phone.

“Toby, have you finished discussing the collaboration?” Tina’s soft voice sounded from the other end of the phone.


*Then come to the Outlet Mall to pick me

and your mom up.” Tina said. “Madam

White and I went shopping, but it suddenly

started raining heavily. The driver went to

school to fetch Tyler. He can’t make it, so I

called you.”

Toby glanced at Sonia in the passenger

seat, then replied in a low volce, “Okay. I’ll

be there in 15 minutes.”

“Be careful on the road.”

There was a faint fragrance in the car, which was the smell of the perfume Sonia

usually used. The more Toby smelled it, the more troubled he felt.

Taking an umbrella, he got out of the car

and called Tom to inform him that he was

at the south entrance of Bayside


About five minutes later, Tom arrived.

“President Fuller.” Tom came over with some clothes. He was a little surprised to See Toby standing beside the car, then he

took a look at the car behind him.

Hey, isn‘t that Miss Reed‘s car?

Toby took the clothes and the car keys, then glanced at the car behind him with a

knowing gaze. “Drive her car and bring her to the Sheraton Hotel, then ask the

attendant to take her temperature.”

“Okay.” Tom replied without asking any


Toby drove to the Outlet Mall, occasionally

thinking of Sonia’s stubborn appearance

and her soft lips, which disturbed him,

He lowered the windows of the car slightly and he felt better after being caressed by the cold wind.

After arriving at the Outlet Mall, Toby quickly spotted Tina and Jean standing at the entrance, both carrying several

shopping bags.

He took an umbrella and got out of the car, then hurriedly walked over. “It’s so cold. Why didn’t you wait inside?”

Upon seeing him approach, a slight smile

appeared at the comers of Tinalips.

“Madam White and I just came out, and

Surprisingly, you arrived at the same time.”

Reside her. Jean Snickered, “Who said we

just came out? Tina knew that you were

coming, so she wanted to come out to

wait for you! Don’t look at what she bought. All she bought for herself was a coat. The rest are clothes for you.”

“Madam White.” Tina blushed little after being exposed. “If you say anything more, Toby will think I’m not reserved at all.”

“Oh, we’re all family. Why are you still being so polite and calling me Madam White?”

this, Tina

outside. Let’s get into the

shopping bags from Tina’s hand and covering her head with the

in the car, he went to


care of you. He brought you into the car first


would tease her again,

the subject and

this Tom’s car?”

Toby’s eyes moved, then he said

 voice, “Tom sent my

Automation for maintenance.”

picking me and

up in his

heard Tina say that you were talking to people at Sakura Heights about a


person in Paul’s private room was Sonia, and he left


completely forgot to

 business matters

 the boss‘ phone number. I‘ll get them to send a few boxes

you. How forgetful,” Jena chided. “Tina was thinking about you while

stuff for you, but you

and said with a smile,

just recovered, so

soup for you to


small smile. “Thank you,


vibrated a few times.

and seeing the

the message, the

face froze.

Chapter 27

Jean asked, as if sensing that there was something

about Tina’s expression.

immediately locked her phone

“It’s nothing. My

message asking when I’m

I’ll reply to her

didn’t suspect anything

talk to Toby.

making sure that Jean

picked up

her friend

hers was also

 Sakura Heights today.

Toby and wanted to say hello, but

the car and chatted for

turned off the

on the video

saw Toby saying something to Sonia, then he picked her up and placed her in the driver’s

was just a short ten-second video,

over her hands


 Then why

car? And why did he lie

remembered that at the

Toby seemed to be on

as Sonia made the request, he gave her the Ocean’s Heart because he didn’t


heart. She was afraid



keep something

woke up in the hotel,

already the next morning.

remembered being caught in the


woke up,

soon remembered that Toby had driven her back to Bayside Residence yesterday afternoon. While she was still in a muddled state, she

her something…

Was it Toby?

banished the images from her mind,


at the office, Sonia

“Dwells’ boss will come

sign the contract later,

contract ready.”


managed to seal the deal


it hadn’t been for Toby coming to the private room yesterday afternoon, Dwells boss wouldn’t have relented and taken

Toby a

then quickly went to prepare

off her coat, Sonia

Just as she


the phone

She answered, “Hello?”

a gentleman named

see you,” the

you know


was a knock on the office door, and the receptionist led

in comfortable and loose casual clothing; his jet-black hair was thick with the ends

his facial features were

that no flaws could be found.

handsome and carried

ease and natural poise.

narrow eyes swept

before finally landing


you adapt really well.” Zane walked


with Sonia

 conversation with Sonia as if they were close friends. “You’ve only been in Paradigm Co, for a few days, but you already possess the spirit of a

housewife for six years.”



turn out to be the

the mayor.” When it


Sonia was never

raised his

was complimenting you for finally being yourself,

for being popular

know that Paradigm Co. has an overseas order and wants Dwells’ factory to produce it,

want to introduce resources to me?” Sonia looked at him in

shrugged, then spoke in


If I have

I’ll introduce

it as


only met once before, so we‘re not even close

man. If I don’t get my

excuse of a

at the woman in the photo. “Your girlfriend is very beautiful. I

would come a day


giving him. “Yeah. I

I want to take revenge on Dwells. No friend

to cooperate with Dwells. You

are partners, so of course,

standard of the foreign

than Dwells’. Believe me.”

phone. “I’ll send you

person in


was slightly

about Rentoor Inc. They

Norfolk. Because of its high quality, many foreign companies approached

heard that

scheduled until

Sonia wanted to approach

she didn’t have

do it, she went

option and chose Dwells.

very familiar with their business

box of mangoes by the table, he picked one up and peeled it before eating it.

copied the number given by Zane before

picked up

the overseas order like

of her hand, so her

It didn’t seem like she was a newbie who had just entered

her with

Rentoor’s staff told Sonia that

contract, they

the time limit, but

go to the factory

parties would discuss again

Sonia’s heart was

you don’t

we’re friends.” Zane

wiping his hands with a tissue. “Four


thought of

she frowned.

time ago,

he sends.

bought these. You


Zane raised an eyebrow

her a knowing look.

was giving her to be strange. After taking a look at the time, she got up and put on

let me treat you

the restaurant well.” Zane followed her out of the

Come here right

teach you a

came out, she heard

outside, and the voice

Looking up, she

her. With her hands on her hips, she was

at the top of

were emnloveee around

were employees around her who tried to throw her out, but they retreated after being scolded

her high heels, then asked calmly, “Madam White,

You’re finally

she saw Sonia,

even angrier. She stalked toward Sonia in a rage,

slap Sonia

Chapter 28

the daughter-in-law of the Fuller Family, so she did not

Because of that, Jean lost her balance and fell

White, please mind



do the

boiling in anger.

you say that

Sonia and

obedient to Jean and would never dare

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