Chapter 28

Sonia was no longer the daughter-in-law of the Fuller Family, so she did not have to bear with Jean anymore. She grasped Jean’s wrist forcefully and pushed her away which caught the latter completely off guard. Because of that, Jean lost her balance and fell onto the ground. Her image was ruined as she moaned in pain.

“Madam White, please mind your

behavior;” Sonia said coldly, “If you’re

going to start throwing hands, I will not


hesitate to do the same.”

Jean was boiling in anger. “Sonia, how


dare you say that to me!”

Previously, when Sonia and Toby were still

married, Sonia was extremely obedient to Jean and would never dare to talk back. However, she had changed completely after the divorce.

“I knew you were a b*tch! You have been putting up an act all this while to cotton up

to me!” Jean scowled. Despite wearing an elegant dark blue dress, she looked

shrewish with her ferocious expression.

“You’re the one who refused to take a

single cent from Toby when you guys

divorced! What is this attitude you’re giving

me right now? Have you no shame?!”

“It’s true that I didn’t take money from

Toby.” Sonia looked directly into Jean’s


“Why are you still pestering my son then?!” Jean snarled.

She then took out stack of pictures from her handbag and distributed them to the staff who were watching, “Look at your boss. What a shameless woman. My son has already divorced her and even has a girlfriend now, but she still refuses to let

go of him. She just won’t stop pestering him!”

After distributing the pictures, Jean threw the remaining pictures at Sonia. “Take a

look for yourself. How could you be so

shameless to ask Toby to carry you into

the car?!”

The pictures which Jean threw hit Sonia

before landing on the ground. Sonia picked

up a couple of them and saw Toby and her

in themshe was talking to Tohv hecide

in them-she was talking to Toby beside the car while holding an umbrella. Because the two of them were standing close to each other, it seemed as if she was hugging Toby. On the other hand, the second picture was the scene of Toby carrying her into the car.

Little did Sonia expect that someone had secretly captured pictures of Toby and her when they were at the car park yesterday


Jean pointed at Sonia and continued to

reprimand, “Tina’s father has apologized to

you regarding the video, but you’re such an

do know


ask Toby to

your company!”

words. She didn’t know Tina

mangoes was from Charles. It turned

you, Sonia-you better stay away from my son! The reason

marry you six

Tina. Otherwise,

you deserve


Sonia’s pale face,

up to mediate. “Madam White, although Miss Reed and Toby have divorced, they are still friends.

she didn’t seduce Toby, why would he

was feeling unwell,

merely helped her out of kindness. Madam White, this is Miss Reed’s office after all. You’ll put her in a difficult situation by

looked at Sonia with her eyes filled with contempt.

and sharp voice,

at seducing men, Sonia. Not only

the model, but you

spare Toby’s friend!”

Zane was rendered


cup of coffee from a staff’s table and splashed it toward Jean’s face. The coffee was still warm as it was splashed onto Jean’s face

to tear Sonia into pieces when her favorite dress

anything, the securities had

the coffee cup back on


stared at Jean coldly. “President

renowned man in the business

will conduct

lest other people

is a

this is Paradigm

if you would like

my lawyer to talk to you, Madam

could blow up,

two securities, “Madam White here


her out.”

go of me! I’m going

still cursing Sonia

by the


the staff

went back to their

to work.

Sonia smiled faintly while wiping the coffee stain which spattered

into the lift. Zane couldn’t stop glancing at Sonia as he rubbed his chin with his slender


Toby and Sonia had


had seen

like a servant,

Sonia would always

commands in a servile


domineering stance today


her a lesson.

Thanks to Toby,”


married Toby six years ago because she loved him. She

and served the

unreasonableness, thinking that by doing so, Toby would be moved and fall

with her.

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