Chapter 27

“Tina, what’s wrong?” Jean asked, as if sensing that there was something off about Tina’s expression.

Tina immediately locked her phone and

said softly, “It’s nothing. My mother sent

me a message asking when I’m going


back. I’ll reply to her later.”

Jean didn’t suspect anything and turned to


talk to Toby.

After making sure that Jean wasn’t looking

at her, Tina picked up her phone again and

read the message her friend had sent her.

This friend of hers was also playing cards

at Sakura Heights today. She said that she

w Toby and wanted to say hello, but she saw himchasing after Sonia. Then, the

two of them sload by the car and chatted for a long time

Tima turned off the volume before clicking

on the video

She saw Toby saying something to Sonia, then he picked her up and placed her in the driver’s seat of her car before driving away

It was just a short ten-second video, but

Tina felt chills all over her hands and feet

as she held her phone in a firm squeeze.

Aren’t they divorcedThen why diToby get

into Sonia’s car? And why did he lie to me?

Tina remembered that at the banquet that

night, Toby seemed to be on her side, but

as soon as Sonia made the request, he gave her the Ocean’s Heart because he didn’t want to humiliate Sonia. And today’s


Tina felt a sense of panic in her heart. She was afraid that even though Toby and Sonia were divorced, Toby still wasn’t fully


Could it be that she was destined to be

unable to keep something she stole?

When Sonia woke up in the hotel, it was

already the next morning.

She remembered being caught in the rain

last night and catching a cold, but when

she woke up, she felt refreshed.

Sonia soon remembered that Toby had driven her back to Bayside Residence yesterday afternoonWhile she was still in a muddled state, she felt someone feeding

her something…

Was it Toby?

Sonia banished the images from her mindthen quickly washed up before leaving the



boss will come to

to sign the contract

contract ready.”

was surprised.

managed to seal


didn’t want to admit it, if it hadn’t been for Toby coming to the private room yesterday afternoon, Dwells


Daphne nodded, then quickly went to prepare the

off her coat, Sonia hung

as she was

and settle the


She answered, “Hello?”

Reed, a gentleman named


“Do you know

responded, “Send him

knock on the office door, and the receptionist led a

loose casual clothing; his jet-black hair was

and his facial features were

no flaws could be

handsome and

ease and natural poise.

eyes swept

the office before finally


Zane walked toward

and sat

with Sonia

friends. “You’ve only been in Paradigm Co, for a few days,

housewife for six years.”

didn’t expect that the romantic

who couldn’t refuse

out to

the mayor.” When it came to



you for finally being yourself,


for being

good at talking. After adjusting his posture, he said, “I know that Paradigm Co. has an overseas order and wants Dwells’ factory to produce it, but I know a factor that’s even better at producing foreign

want to introduce resources to me?” Sonia looked at him in

shrugged, then spoke in a lazy

manner. “We


of course I’ll introduce it

as a

didn’t believe

so we‘re not even close with each

don’t get

excuse of

photo. “Your girlfriend is very beautiful.

a day where you would get cheated

ignored the sympathetic

“Yeah. I

want to take

to cooperate with Dwells. You

partners, so of course, you

This standard of the foreign goods


with his phone. “I’ll send

the person in



about Rentoor Inc. They were

quality, many foreign

heard that

scheduled until

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