Chapter 30

“Yeah… It’s Rina’s death anniversary today.

Julia’s hands–which were holding the

bouquet of baby’s breath–trembled as she was reminded of her eldest daughter who had passed away at a young age. In

the end, she couldn’t help but start to cry.


As she was too heartbroken upon losing

her eldest daughter, Julia placed all of her


attention on the youngest daughter,

However, she would still feel her heart

wrench every year during Rina’s death


“There, there. Let’s not cry.” Titus

embraced Julia and cooed, “Today’s not

only Rina’s death anniversary, but it’s also

Tina’s engagement day. I’m sure Rina would be happy for her sister if she knew Tina is getting engaged.”

Julia was crying so hard that she could even feel her chest hurting. “If it wasn’t for Henry the b*stard, Rina w-wouldnhave...

Julia sobbed in a choking voice.

Titus’ eyes darkened. “The Reed Family

has already been destroyed, and Sonia is

the only one left.”

Six years ago, Titus had driven Henry to

death and ruined the Reeds in order to

avenge his elder daughter’s death.

However, he couldn’t lay a finger on Sonia

because she had already married Toby at that time. Little did Titus expect that six

years later, Sonia would acquire Paradigm

Los shares and become the biggest

shareholder of the company.

“All Sonia has is Paradigm Co. and nothing elseDealing with her is going to be a piece of cake.” Titus was heartbroken at the thought of his deceased daughter, and his hatred toward the Reeds deepened

even more.

On the other hand, Julia was hesitant. “Forget about it. She’s Toby’s ex-wife after all. If Toby becomes aware of this, I’m worried it would cause Tina trouble in the


Titus shorted. “Don’t you know why Toby

married Sonia? He doesn’t love her at all. If

he did, he wouldn’t just sit back and watch

the downfall of the Reeds, and he surely

wouldn’t just watch Paradigm Co, slip

away from him like that.”

fallen in love with the crown at first

and stared at



the office to settle a few

going home to rest.

she arrived at the office,

informed her, “President

Dwells is here

Lane in

coldly. “I

take a look.”

the contract to Paradigm Co the next day to sign it, but no one came

for her to

a better business partner

Paradigm Co.

knocked on Charles’ door


with Paul,

them and smiled as


Paul stood up

politely shook Sonia’s hand.

Sonia sipped

up the matter about their collaboration Seeing so, Paul had no choice but to bring it up. “I’m so sorry. President Reed. For the

contract. I’m here today to make

that, he presented the contract to Sonia and said, “Please take

and we can sign it if there’s

other issue.”



to refrain from


told me that she tried

via your office number

you. Because it’s an


we couldn’t

another company to

company is the top manufacturer in the country for overseas orders. You claimed that you value the quality of the product, but

to ship the order?” Paul thought Sonia

“Besides your

Inc. is also well-known

for overseas


year. President Reed, did

with Rentoon7″ Paul

disbelief and pressed

was merely out of respect toward Toby. In fact, he


 just entered the business

 no connections. How would she know the boss of Rentoor? Could it be that Toby is helping


day when they


would help


seconds, Paul

Gritting his teeth, he said

to be honest, I

bluffing when I said

me and asked me to not

All this while I was wondering why you wouldn‘t take up such a profitable business. I figured that there’s a possibility that someone is picking

Turns out I

has quite a

so I was in a quandary.” Paul smiled awkwardly and continued immediately, “But I still wish to collaborate with Paradigm Co.

risk of offending President Gray and


this–connections. Moreover, there were

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