Chapter 31

Brother? Frowning, Sonia glanced at the caller ID and said, “Sonia Reed speaking, but I don’t have a brother. You must be mistaken.”

“There’s no mistake. He says he’s your brother. His name is Tyler Fuller.”

The moment she heard the name, Sonia

was reminded of the terrible things Tyler

had done before this, and she freaked out.


“I’m sorry but I don’t know him.” With that, she hung up immediately.

Charles asked in curiosity, “Brother? Is it



“No. She called the wrong number.

Ther, Sonia walked out of the office with Charles. They planned to discuss Paradigm Co.’s future plans over some Japanese food. However, as soon as she entered the lift, her phone started ringing


Sonia kept her shirt on as she answered

the call. However, instead of the female police, the person at the other end of the line was Tyler

“Hey Sonia, come pick me up from the

police station.”

During the six years of marriage between

her and Toby, his brother–Tyler, had

either addressed her by her full name or

did not address her at all. This was actually the first time he had called her

Nonetheless, this fellow sounded very reluctant. It was as if he was forcing

himself to address Sonia as such.

Your brother and I have already divorced.” Sonia reminded Tyler, and herself at the same time. You should call your brother and ask him to bail you out.”

Tyler scowled. “Is it so hard for you to

come to the police station?.”

“Go ask your brother.”

Seeing how Tyler changed his attitude within a second, Sonia frowned and

remained silent. Just as she was about to

hang up. Tyler hung up before her.

Toby’s brother is looking for you?” Charles asked as he caught quite a number of keywords from the conversation.

“I heard Toby has made reservations at the

Sheraton Hotel. He even invited Tinas

family to have dinner with his parents to plan the day of their engagement again. Shouldn’t his brother be together with them at the hotel? Why is he at the police


“He probably committed some crime and

got detained.” With a calm look, Sonia

pursed her lips. “He wants me to bail him


Charles sneered, “Does he think you and

Toby are still married? How could he still

order you around like this? His character is

exactly the same as his mother’s!”

When they arrived at the car park and were about to get into the car, Sonia suddenly asked, “How long will one be detained in

the police station normally?”

crime they committed. If

for around 15 days if no one bails them out,” Charles answered and looked

“Are you thinking

going to get him?”

doesn’t dare to call


Sonia got into the car. Til

a look.”


a sulky

the sake of

husband’s brother?”

Sonia ignored him and drove

basement car

on the way to the police

the car park just now, and

herself for being soft-hearted

She had decided

on the way to


arriving at the police station,


her in. Soon, she saw

youngsters in

by the wall.

with serious injuries on


policewoman called upon Tyler, who was standing among

pick you up.”

lifted his head. His

but he soon pouted and snorted. “You b*tch, I

at him calmly

did you just

hair tied up into a

elegant in

tranquil gaze actually

chill down Tyler’s spine.

two of them

a moment

through gritted teeth, “So-nia.”

jutused seeing Tyler‘s aggrieved look. She didn’t sign the bail bond immediately but asked him, “Why did you get into a

Tyler kept quiet

the row of youngsters

divorced your brother. How can you be so shameless to ask her to come bail you out? Ha! You’re just like your

ordering people about impudently.”

his mother must have


she gave

became bloodshot upon

 few vounasters’ mock.

an impulse to dash toward them and give them a punch

uniform. “Are you actually

in the police

want me to

would really call

arm away from Sonia with a dark face without allowing the

touch his uniform.

signing the bail bond for Tyler,

other youngsters

wall and said

“It’s normal for

the others out too, it’s just a

it’s not necessary

their parents.”

office understood that the youngsters were from the same

the fellows were

such, Sonia signed the bail bonds for the

youngsters too.

Tyler had never thought Sonia would do this. His blood boiling, he scowled at Sonia, “Are you crazy? Why are you bailing them out



if there were only three of

then another two came.”

you didn’t.”

him. “I thought you were all

and mighty!”

Tyler was


out of

behind the few

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