Chapter 33

Sonia quickly pulled down the sleeves of her sweater to cover the wordings of her tattoo before she opened the door. She

was surprised when she saw Toby and

Tina standing right outside the door

because she never expected them to



Toby wore a black suit while next to him


was Tina, who wore a champagne-colored

evening gown that made her look fair and

beautiful. Both of them looked compatible

with each other when they stood together.

When he saw Sonia’s messy hair and pink

cheeks, he immediately became colder

and asked her in a low voice, “Where’s


responded in a gentle manner, “We are here to pick Tyler up. Can you ask him to come out quickly?”

Sonia turned around to yell into the house, “Tyler, your brother and yousisterinlaw are here. I’m not the one who told them about your location. Your brother is the

one who installed location services on your phone and found you from there.”

When Tyler saw his brother, his shoulders

slumped in a slightly lazy manner as he slowly walked out of the house with his


When ththree of them were about to

leave, she called after them, “President

Fuller, your brother used my medicine and

ate two bowls of beef noodles at my

place. Aren’t vou plannina to pay for it?”

Tyler replied angrily. “How much does two bowls of beef noodles cosi? Since when have you been so stingy?”

“Well, beef is quite expensive now. Apart

from that, we are not related to each other

anymore. So why would I allow you to eat

for free here?”

He was speechless upon hearing that.

Toby took out five

passed them to Sonia

expression on his face. “Is


you, President Fuller. Have

back home.”

she closed the

without a second glance


asked Tyler, “Why didn’t you head to the hotel and instead come to Sonia’s place? What’s going on with the injuries

your face?”

front of his brother.

fight with my

that you were having dinner with Tina’s family and I thought that it’s not a good idea to go to dinner while looking like this. So, I asked sis-I mean,

and had dinner at


heard that

his sister-in-law,


me or Toby. We are a family now, so don’t worry about troubling us. Apart from that, Miss Reed already has a boyfriend. It’s not appropriate for you to continue troubling



had teased him during

slightly uncomfortable,

staying alone.

together with that guy.”

a glance

did not know

relaxed upon hearing

have a different

“Your wounds have

Thank you,


Tina is so

much better than


The video became viral

and ruined

affected yours as

mean, Tina? Are


to record the

asked in confusion

what I meant.” Tina

just thought that Sonia might have known about this long ago and restricted her employees so that the video would not spread like wildfire


Even if she had warned them,

into trouble would

upload the video.” Tyler pouted. “On top of that,


a scene

of such

though he did not like Sonia

years living

as her. He knew that she was not

who would resort

Jean who went to make a scene at Paradigm Co. It wasn’t something that Sonia

asked for

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