Chapter 34

While Toby was deep in his thoughts as he looked at the letter, someone knocked on the door of the room and opened it.

“I saw that the lights in your room are still

switched on, so I guessed that you are still busy.” Tina entered the room as she wore a dark blue bathrobe. The belt was loosely

tightened around her waist, revealing her


collarbone and some fair skin. She also

sprayed some perfume on herself and


looked quite attractive.

After she placed the glass of fruit tea on

the table, she leaned toward him with

intention. “I made some fruit tea so that

you will feel more energized when you


T’m done with work,” he answered. Then, he opened the drawers and showed her the letters within, “When I was about to

take a pen, I saw our previous letters. I

didn’t expect that we would have exchanged many letters with each other.”

Tina panicked for a moment when she saw the letters, but she quickly calmed

herself down. “It has been six to seven

years ago. Why are you still keeping


*They are extremely memorable for me.” Toby caressed the letters and smiled. It’s

because you are the first woman / fell for.

Tina turned around to wrap her arms

around Toby and leaned against him.

“Toby, since I’m with you now, we don’t

need these letters anymore. Why don’t you ask the maids to destroy them tomorrow?”

Upon seeing that he had remained silent, she pretended to feel hurt. “You keeping these letters show that you are still in the

past. Am las a living person any lesser

than the letters? Do you want to continue

to talk to me through letters and not live together with me?”

When Toby saw the hurt on her face, he felt quite sorry for her. She’s right. She’s here with me now, so it’s not important to

He caressed her hair. “Alright. I will ask

people to destroy them tomorrow.

“Sure!” Tina slightly smiled. Her heart

skipped a beat when she smelled the nice

fragrance from him.

She quickly summoned her courage to kiss Toby’s Adam’s apple.

Toby’s body stiffened for a few seconds. When she kissed his jaw, he did not pull her into his embrace. Instead, he pushed

her away inconspicuously.

At this point, she had already untied the sash on her robe to reveal huge patches of her fair skin.

Upon being faced with such temptation,

his expression did not change whatsoever.

Without even looking at her for another

adjusted the bathrobe


already living together.”

 living together.” No matter how emboldened she was, Tina still felt awkward when she faced such rejection. “We can do anything

 we can do some intimate things. However, he doesn‘t seem

after such temptation.

the other hand,

slightly anxious.

saw tears swimming in


so your body

its strength. Let’s talk about

the future.”

leaned in his embrace, but worry still

soon as she signed

things had been going


with work in


document in her

Reed, Mr.

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“Baby. today is my birthday. In the past, you

be busy once you’re

to celebrate

that you are divorced, you’re


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from work-related

did not have the time to care

Charles had not reminded her, she would have forgotten about his

replied, ‘Of course i remember about it. I have already booked a place


he had helped her out


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