Captivation: Want Nothing But You

Chapter 24: How Could I Marry You If I Wasn’t Whore 

"I’ll be offering thirty percent higher than the market price in exchange for the three-months waiting period.The Bennet Group is struggling to keep itself afloat.You don’t have any use for it.Even if it goes bankrupt, you’ll gain nothing from it in the end.It’ll be better for you to just sell it to me for a profit, yes?"

"For a profit, huh? That sounds like a good deal,"

Victor said with a wry smile.

"It seems that I underestimated you, Rachel."

Rachel knew that it was best not to confront him head on for now.

She lowered her gaze and said, "My mother left the fate of the Bennet Group to me.No matter what happens, I can’t let it end in my hands.If you think the offer isn’t high enough, you can negotiate for a higher price, and I’ll try my best to fulfill it."

If she couldn’t afford Victor’s final offer, Rachel figured she could just take hacking orders in public rather than in the forum.

That way, even if Victor’s asking price for the Bennet Group was twice its original value, it wouldn’t be a problem for her.

Right now, he was staring at her in silence.

He had heard about the will left by her mother when Ivan reported it to him, but it would be impossible for Rachel to buy the entire Bennet Group with the little money she got from her inheritance.

But for some reason, she didn’t seem like she was just talking big.

‘Where is she supposed to get that much money?’ Victor looked at Rachel, examining her face.

Her eyelashes were slightly trembling, her nose was prominent yet small, and her supple lips were like cherry blossoms.

Aside from that, her white dress highlighted her graceful figure.

As a matter of fact, Rachel was just as beautiful as her mother when Elisa was still young.

However, Rachel had always appeared in front of everyone wearing heavy makeup and weird clothing, which made people overlook her natural beauty.

To them, they just saw her as an impolite and ill-bred lady; a waste of space.

Victor thought Rachel was stunningly charming when he saw her in the Crown Club last time, but he never imagined that her temperament would change as well by just changing into a different set of clothes.

With this kind of beauty, it was enough for a man to be tempted and spend all of his money on her.

When that thought crossed Victor’s mind, his eyes dimmed.

Suddenly, the air around him dropped a few degrees.

name my price, huh? You’re a generous

she looked

smirked as

from what hell are you drawing this delusion that I need your money? You have

why don’t you just name your price and I’ll take it off

really that desperate to have the Bennet Group back? No matter how much it

glinted with

do." Rachel looked into his eyes, determined to get her

I won’t sell to you for anything lower than

responded, eyeing her up and down, and interested to hear

Group’s financial situation, it would be impossible to

hundred million? That’s twenty-five times higher than the company’s net worth!

that would definitely put Rachel

practically asking her

any benefit out of that

only make the Bennet Group a burden

silent for a

matter? Didn’t you just

she would come up with the money ‘Five hundred million dollars.If I start taking hacking orders again, a large order

was still worried that she wouldn’t be able to gather

long time

even sure how much money was

the account, it’s at least something.Perhaps I’ll be able to pull

a deal.You will sell the Bennet Group to me, but you’ll have to give me three months to gather that money.Give me three months, and I promise you,

smile disappeared, and it looked like he was surprised to hear her

scene where she was bending over in front of other

eyes when he

"Three months…"

his face

that something was off about

wanted to back away from him, but there was no more room for her

"Victor “

the veins on his temples appeared, and his

will you get so much money?" Rachel wanted to speak, but

frame and said, "Don’t say you got it from your inheritance.Five hundred million dollars.Even at the Bennet Group’s peak, it didn’t have that much money.Rachel, if you’re trying

almost leapt from

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