Captivation: Want Nothing But You

Chapter 25: Victor’s Condition 


Right after Rachel finished talking, Victor strangled her; the strength of his grip increased with every passing moment.

‘‘Fuck! I’m being strangled again.Does he now know anything other than to strangle me?"

Rachel cursed in her mind.

Although she wasn’t able to avoid his attack, she quickly bent her knees, attacking the lower part of Victor’s body and kicking his groin.

He quickly reacted and let go of her.

Rachel’s eyes lit up.

‘‘This is my chance! She then tried to escape by moving past Victor’s side, but unfortunately, he still managed to grab her wrist, pressed her back against the elevator, and making her cry out in pain.

Victor grabbed both of Rachel’s wrists, raised them above her head, pinned them against the elevator door, and had one of his legs curled against her thighs.

Her sneak attack had failed, and she was now shackled by his grip.

Rachel frowned and yelled, "Let me go, Victor!"

"Weren’t you being talkative just now?" he replied.


At this moment, she was really angry but she didn’t know what to say.

Moreover, she knew that if she continued talking, Victor would definitely kill her.

She wasn’t going to let that happen, for she still valued her life.

One wrong move and it could set him off.

Rachel had to find a way to persuade him to sell her the Bennet Group.

That was why she couldn’t afford to piss him off.

"I was just being impulsive.Please, let me go.We can talk this out," she reasoned.

‘‘I need to make compromises at times if I want to achieve great things’’ Rachel said to herself, trying to suppress her anger.

Victor glanced at the bruises on her neck.

Her skin was more delicate than ordinary people’s, so applying the slightest pressure could bruise her skin.

Now, there were red marks in the shape of his fingers on her neck.

Victor’s eyes darkened; his stoic expression made it hard to figure out what he was about to do.

Rachel had been married

grandmother told him that Rachel would be his wife in the future, and the hostess of the Sullivan

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they were getting their marriage license, instead of going home, Victor

Victor that Rachel had been calling him several times

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time went by, his indifference

gave her the cold shoulder, and to Rachel, it felt like her heart was being stabbed by a sharp dagger

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every method she could

old Rachel would climb into his bed

in his company wearing heavy makeup and

his social engagements,

reason Victor began to hate her to the

in his life, he somehow

had done a myriad of idiotic things, she would always lower her head in front of Victor, and dared not to

her now, he felt

the day of their divorce, to the boldness of bashing someone’s head

and saying that her biggest regret was loving him in the past. When Victor heard Rachel

feeling of being defeated

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because of this woman, he had revealed his true emotions

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