Captivation: Want Nothing But You

Chapter 26: The Strange Project 

Manager In the study of the Bennet family’s mansion… 

"Miss Bennet, who did you say Mr.Sullivan asked you to investigate?" Andy asked, looking at Rachel.

She looked away from the computer screen and met Andy’s gaze.

"The project manager of the KD Group.What’s the matter? Is there something strange about that person?"

After saying that, she looked at the computer again.

Rachel had just returned from the Sullivan Group’s building.

On her way back, she googled the KD Group using her mobile phone, and she now had a general idea of the company.

The KD Group’s headquarters was located in Wall Street, and it started as an oil mining company.

Later on, they bought several mines to exploit raw gemstones.

At present, it was now supplying raw materials for thirty percent of the jewelry brands all around the globe.

The Sullivan Group had been wanting to enter the jewelry industry and create an independent brand.

Recently, the KD Group had been intending to raise funds of their own, and Victor wanted to know who was in charge of financing the project.

Probably, because he wanted the Sullivan Group to enter the market through participating in KD’s financing The information scattered on the Internet was varied.

Rachel only skimmed a few of them, but she never found any information on the financial manager of this project.

Obviously, she wasn’t happy about it.

It was acceptable for the manager’s private information like birth date or experience to not be present on the Internet, but it made no sense that the person’s name and gender couldn’t be found as well.

"Miss Bennet, I think we should give up on looking for this person."

Andy put down a book on economic laws and walked to Rachel’s side.

She then closed the web browser, glanced at him, and asked, "Why? What’s so special about this KD Group?"

because Mr.Sullivan knew that already.He did it on purpose.I’m sure

sat down to contemplate for a

supplier of raw gemstones.It’s not the biggest in the world, and there’s

raised an eyebrow but said nothing.She looked at Andy, motioning him

two years ago.Miss Bennet, you must’ve already searched the KD Group.Do you know when it began to

"Two years ago, right?"

regarding the KD Group, two years ago, the company’s business skyrocketed significantly.They had made no mistakes in decision-making, which surprised their competitors in their respective industry.Since then, the company had quickly occupied thirty percent of the rough diamond supply in the market.But there’s one thing you probably don’t know.Two years prior to the KD Group’s success the company was just a small supplier, barely occupying five

knew little about what Andy was talking

this project manager sounded


makes the project manager so special? I think this only proves the KD Group’s capabilities in hiring the right people.Of course, this manager

you know it employs a very capable manager, what would you

her chin with her fist, and said, "I’ll find a way

that, something dawned on

her face froze for a moment, and she

are you saying

that out, then the KD Group’s competitors have already thought of it as well.Many

Rachel’s eyes darkened.

how she didn’t find anything on the

no one has succeeded is because nobody knows this manager’s identity, right? That’s why

Andy nodded in agreement.

past two years, this manager has not shown up in any event.Nobody knows the manager’s name and gender aside from the senior executives of the KD Group.That’s what really makes this person special.Thus,


can find almost anything on the Internet.How has this person hid their identity so well? To top it off, they managed to do it for two years! How could that not

have," Andy

Mr.Sullivan did it on purpose.He’s asking you to find out all the information regarding this person within twenty four hours.If those hackers hired for a high price couldn’t find that information for two years, what chance do

it, huh?’ Rachel’s interest was

the entire ruse? Are they trying to keep their opponents vigilant? That makes no sense.As long as this person really exists, I’m sure there will

"Miss Bennet…"

is the only way we can save the Bennet

try to find this manager no matter how hard

that word doesn’t exist in

to hear such bold words

he saw a glimpse

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