"Mommy, I'm in a fierce team battle now! ...Be careful of the ones at the back! Hey Chesty, how many times have you already died? Why are you more fragile than even glass?!"

Cherry, who was sitting on the sofa, dissed her teammates angrily without even looking up.

Resigned, Nora walked over to open the door.

It wasn't Justin standing outside but a man who looked to be about 20 years old.

He wore a white casual outfit and was leaning against the wall as he played a game on his cell phone.

His deep-set eyes that looked similar to Justin ‘s were slightly upturned, and there was a bright and harmless feeling in his facial features.

He looked just like a well-brought-up boy from a rich family.

At the sight of the door opening, Chester lowered his voice and said in the call with his gaming team, "Leader, I’ m already dead anyway, so I'll count on you for this round."

After turning off the microphone, he raised his head and looked Nora up and down.

The woman was astonishingly fair.

Her originally docile-looking and cat-like eyes were slightly lidded, and there was some fatigue and sleepiness on her expressionless face.

Her voice was very low as she asked, "Is something the matter?"

No wonder she dared to seduce Justin.

She did indeed have some impressive assets.

Chester said, "Miss Smith, I'd like to discuss something with you.Can you move to the suite downstairs and give up the presidential suite?"

Nora raised her eyebrows.


Chester offered her a check.

"Let me kindly remind you that this hotel belongs to the Hunts.According to the regulations, if the hotel cancels a booking without a reason, they'll have to pay double the damages for breaching the contract.Here's a check for one million dollars."

Nora stared at the check wordlessly.

Did she look very poor? Why was every one of them trying to dismiss her with money? Seeing that she wasn't giving in, Chester threatened, "If you don't agree to it, then I can only trouble the guards to throw you out.I'm sure Miss Smith wouldn't want to escalate things to such a degree, right?"

How dare he threaten her? The look in Nora's eyes turned cold.

she heard Chester

time and again to seduce my elder brother.I'm cutting you some slack because it isn't easy taking care of a child.Otherwise, I wouldn't just be changing your room

to seduce his brother? Nora yawned and asked

not that stupid.I've looked into you. your fiance broke off his engagement with you, and you even gave birth

that one was in the

sense of superiority from? Nora asked coldly, "So, no one’s worthy

the sudden increase in

is staying right in this hotel, and he'll find her very soon.He'll definitely invite

Nora was puzzled.

of Justin, but getting entangled with such a man would

her eyes downward and thought for a

the check from Chester and said lightly, "Thank you.Get someone to help us with

was really

a sigh


these two top-class ones, but it was

importantly, the room card assigned to guests that stayed downstairs

contact with Pete anymore, let alone Justin! Why did she thank him, though? A puzzled Chester returned to

reported his meritorious deed to

said, "You don't have to thank me, Justin.With this, I've made up for my mistakes’ Justin was sitting behind a large

chided him

"How meddlesome."Chester was perplexed.

detecting a bit of dissatisfaction in those two words? He sneaked behind Justin and saw that the computer's black

a red dot

Justin had been keeping

about to continue tracking her movements when

temperature in the room

"You've lost her, Justin.Justin slowly raised his head, his dark eyes a discomfiting sight.He slowly said, "I can see that very

Chester instantly shut up.

glanced at Chester

Hunt family was so complicated, and everyone there was an elite whose thoughts

did they produce such a simpleton? He coughed and said, "Mr.Hunt, why would she suddenly go offline

traitor among them? However, Justin was personally taking part and had

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Nora was already in the study

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