Nora frowned.

Before she could answer, a gentle but anxious voice reached them.

"Are you trying to drive me to my grave, Henry?"

On the hospital bed, a gentle middle-aged woman wearing a hospital gown struggled to get out of the bed.

Her hair was all shaved, and she looked frighteningly skinny due to her illness.

Her cheeks were sunken, but it nevertheless couldn't hide her gentle personality.

She was Irene Smith, her aunt.

Nora took a couple of quick steps forward and sat on the edge of the bed.

She held her hand and greeted, "Aunt Irene.’' Irene looked at Nora up and down for a moment.

Then, her eyes turned red.

"You look so much like your mom after you've slimmed down, Nora.'’ Her voice trembled as she spoke.

"You've had such a hard time outside all these years.’' During the five years when she lived abroad, Henry had never given her a single cent.

It was instead her aunt who always sent her some money as living expenses.

Although it wasn't much, it was her way of showing her kindness.

Nora's heart was warmed.

At this point, her stepmother, Wendy, said, "Nora, your aunt has been pretty nice to you ever since you were a child, right? She's sick now, and you're the only one that can cure her! You won't watch her die, will you?"

Nora frowned.

A brain tumor...

She casually tugged off the medical report and CT scan next to her and started to read them seriously.

A naggy Wendy said, "Your aunt's operation is too difficult, Nora.A moment of carelessness and she'll suffer brain damage, so no one in the hospital wants to do it.Dr.Larson, the head of the Department of Neurology in this hospital, is Angela's professor at the School of Medicine in her college.If she begs him to do it, maybe he'd be willing to take the risk and give it a go"

Wendy sighed at this point before continuing.

"But now, Anthony's saying that without the company, he'll never get engaged to your sister.Your sister is terribly upset and in a bad mood.You can't possibly ask someone for help in such a gloomy manner, right? So, as long as you give your sister the company, we'll let Angela beg Dr.Larson for help.Whether your aunt's operation goes through or not completely depends on you now."

When Wendy finished speaking, Henry shouted angrily, "You must also apologize to Angela for sabotaging her marriage proposal, seducing Anthony out of spite, and for hitting her!"

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