Due to it getting late, the light in the narrow stairwell was rather dim.Pete stared at Cherry in shock.

Her eyes were widened as round as grapes and her mouth slightly ajar.The two stared at each other for some time.

Cherry was the first to speak.

"Why is there a mirror in the stairwell?" Pete was puzzled.

The corners of his lips spasmed.

"This isn't a mirror” Cherry was dazed and dumbfounded.

"Why do you look exactly the same as me, then?"

The stairwell fell quiet for another few seconds.

Then, a hesitant Pete said, "Are we...twins?"

Tiny Cherry, who finally reacted, leaped forward and hugged Pete excitedly.

"Wow! I found my brother!"

Pete, who had always refused physical contact with others, stiffened.

Blood relations were simply so peculiar.

For example, physical contact with people such as one's mother and younger sister would give one a very heartwarming feeling.

But as it turned out, had Mommy hugged him and eaten dinner with him because she mistook him for someone else? This realization made Pete turn pale.

He sounded a little sad as he asked, "Why did Mommy abandon me?"

Cherry let go of him and hurriedly explained, "Mommy didn 't abandon you.It was our horrid grandpa who sent you away.The reason why we came back to the States is so that we can look for you!"


Afraid that her brother wouldn't believe her, Cherry nodded repeatedly.

"It's true! It's true!!"

Her soft hands grabbed hold of Pete and she dragged him down the stairs.

"Let's go find Mommy.She'll definitely be very happy to see you, and then she'll take us home!"

Pete was taken aback.

"But what about Daddy?"

Cherry paused.

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Angela curled her lip.

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