Chapter 490 Long Time No See

"In that case,young lady,you should sign this."

Aaron persuaded,and then he had to help them handle it,""Anyway,you and the young master will be a family from now on,and it doesn't matter under whose name these are."

If they calculated each other,naturally they couldn't.But the young master trusted the young lady,and the young lady was also full of the young master.It really didn't matter under whose name it would be.

"If you don't sign,I'll take it as if you want to run away.""Will decided to force her to the end.

Sarah pursed her lips,and finally signed.But after signing,she said,"

Aren't you afraid that I will take your things and run away?"

"If you can run away.The monk can't run away from the temple."

"Tecan run."

"I'll tell your dad."

Sarah stopped bickering with him.Some people who looked serious were actually childish ghosts.

"Go and finish the formalities.

"Will handed the stack of documents to Aaron, fulfilling a wish.

Aaron was quite touched.After walking out with the file.He suddenly sent a message to Will,which was the question he wanted to ask most in his heart"Young master,you are now voluntarily giving all of those as gifts to the young lady,which means that if you divorce in the future,you will not come back"

Will replied"Are you expecting me to get divorced before I get married?’ This secretary.Does he want to get fired? Aaron responded quickly, ‘I am telling you this question very seriously.No one can say anything about feelings.Are you not afraid of getting divorced if your relationship is not good in the future?’ Will looked at his reply,and the comers of his lips curled up,while his eyes were filled with tenderness.He pressed the keypad on his phone and replied to his message"That's something other people should think about,not me"

finally responded seriously, ‘We are not only husband and wife ,but we can still give our backs to each

together,sharing adversity.He believed in Sarah as Sarah believed in

then went to go through the formalities with

young master and Miss Sarah would definitely

pursed her

face.It was luxurious and lazy,and it was so good-looking that she

didn't notice her abnormality,""What's

her lips before

to prepare a dowry.It's all yours."Will put down his phone and held her in his arms,""You just need Ruby Ambers to enter my

lips.If she would think about it carefully, most people's dowry was prepared by their parents.But the Yeats Group shares were

figure out such a simple


it's for the sake of eating soft


"Me too."

Will countered.

changed the question.Her expression was much more serious than before,"'You

have a question for you."Will knew that

Sarah paused,"*What?"

have experienced a bad marriage before, why

eyes were more serious than before,and his deep voice carried a little emotion,"Aren’t

"I’m not.I trust you."

top of her head.After

his.At that moment,her

for the rest of their lives.If he gave it to

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