When Brent felt Ethan’s chilling gaze on him, he had to explain. “Mr. Miller, she’s with Everly.”

It wasn’t unusual for Olivia to hang out with her best friend, Everly. Ethan had asked Brent to follow Everly on Instagram to monitor Olivia’s move. While explaining, Brent showed his boss Everly’s Instagram post.

In one of them, Everly showed off her eye-catching pink curls, but Ethan was instantly drawn to Olivia, who was rocking a different style in the photo. She had gotten a middle-part pixie cut, which—coupled with her tiny face—made her look more morose than her usual sunny disposition.

Her eyes were looking downward, and her collarbone was visible through her Oxford shirt in the photo. Her beauty was almost sacred.

The caption read “Reborn.”

Ethan hadn’t realized that his fingers were trembling slightly. After a year of being pestered by her, he should have felt relieved that she wanted to let go. But why did he feel suffocated instead?

He reminded himself that his sister was gone. Olivia did not have the right to declare her “rebirth.” He convinced himself that he wasn’t feeling bad for Olivia—he just wanted revenge.

He wasn’t done with torturing her yet, and he would not let this slip.

Deep in his thoughts, he was interrupted by Brent’s remark. “Ms. Hilton brought Mrs. Miller to the Dark Horse Clubhouse.”

Brent clicked on an Instagram post that showed Olivia lazing on a soft couch in a dimly lit room while a handsome young man in white kneeled on one knee and fed her grapes.

Ethan almost crushed the phone after seeing the photo. “Go to the clubhouse.”

The air turned frosty, and he couldn’t take his mind off the young man in white. He knew he’d make Olivia weak in the knees when he put on a white shirt, and she’d sometimes sketch the image of his teenage self in a white shirt.

that moment he realized that he didn’t want a divorce at all. Not only that, but he also wanted to keep her by his side forever. He wanted to subject her to

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removed from all their wedding photos.

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