Everly and Olivia, both having suffered from disastrous relationships, went to the salon. Everly picked out two male hairstylists for them.

One of the hairstylists lit up with excitement at the sight of Olivia and immediately recommended some trending hairstyles. She outright rejected the suggestion. “I want it short—as short as possible.”

“Darling, I know the cool girl look is trendy, but getting a pixie cut might limit the outfit styles you can pull off. Why don’t I give you a shoulder-length cut? You’ll look younger and can rock it at any event.”

“It’s fine.”

“Your hair is long and luscious. I can tell that you have kept it for years. It’s really a pity to cut it off.” The stylist shook his head regretfully.

Olivia stared at her reflection in the mirror. Despite her lack of rest, her features still looked as exquisite as ever. Her tresses, which she hadn’t taken care of, tumbled across her shoulders. It made her look demure.

She hadn’t cut her hair in years because Ethan loved her long hair. Since the stylist was reluctant to cut it off, she grabbed the scissors and said, “I’ll do it myself.”

She cut off her hair without hesitation, sending the long locks fluttering onto the ground. It somehow symbolized her parting ways with her lovely youth and innocence.

She returned the scissors to the guy and allowed him to proceed with styling her. “Alright, I’ll leave the rest to you.”

When Everly emerged with her new pink hair, she was shocked at Olivia’s new hairstyle and marveled at it. “Wow. It’s true—you can really rock any style if you’re good-looking. Liv, you look so cool!”

Everly’s next order of business was to hurry to the supermarket and buy some gender-neutral clothes for Olivia to match the new middle-part pixie cut. Their new styles attracted lots of attention when they walked down the streets later in the day.

night fell, Everly took a selfie with Olivia by a storefront and uploaded it to

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Everly poured Olivia a drink and lifted her glass. “Genius or idiot, it doesn’t matter. Let’s raise a glass to our singlehood! I can finally buy whatever I

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I used to buy the lowest-grade steak on sale at the grocery store? I saved my ass off to support his studies, and I gave my all to build our future. I’m only 24 this year, yet I’ve never even gotten myself a proper dress! How could he do this to

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“You’re absolutely right.”

in the past, transformed into a generous millionaire overnight. She led Olivia into a spacious lounge, where she ordered ten bottles of Armand de Brignac in one go and ignored Olivia’s attempt at stopping

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showed off their abs. Olivia was too shy to even look at them. “It’s alright. I’ll just

picked two men and slammed a wad of cash on the table. She ordered, “Come here! Keep her happy

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