Chapter 26

Olivia was dumbfounded. His words struck a chord within her.

Ethan was the best example of it. He used to dote on her endlessly, but now he was extremely cruel to her. She couldn’t say he had changed. Instead, he was just showing her a different side of him.

Since Ethan was like that, Jeff could be too.

Olivia countered weakly, “Well, no matter what happened, he wouldn’t… kill someone.”

Ethan’s finger gently brushed Olivia’s cheek. He spoke gently as if he was still her lover, but his eyes were devoid of any tenderness.

you also think that I would never

It was true that she had thought that he would never change until

know the truth. Today is your lucky day. Jeff didn’t want to keep that child, and he didn’t want to give Leia a home. The first three months are the best time for

on her chin began

child. If she hadn’t been abducted by human traffickers, she wouldn’t have ended up like this. Do you know how tragic her death was? If it wasn’t for the DNA we left behind in the database, I wouldn’t even be able to see her body, let alone the child forming in her womb. How old was she? Why

free from his grip. She was afraid that Ethan, who seemed to be unraveling, would kill her along

reuniting with her. But never had I imagined that we would meet again under such circumstances. Liv, have you

filled with sorrow. Olivia had heard from Eugenia how much he had doted on his sister. He had never given up on

when he was reunited with his sister at the morgue. He had someone

also had someone

when she was already a corpse, how can you conclude that my father was the

suddenly changed, shifting from sorrow to

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