Chapter 27

To olivia, her father was a kind, benevolent man. Besides sponsoring students, he also frequently donated money to charity funds. In all the wysorts, her father was righteous and humble. He was the perfect man.

As Oliva knelt on the ground picking up the scattered documents, her face tell as she flipped through the pages.

Clearly, than had done thorough research. Even if those women had only been in a relationship with Jeff for a few days, the evidence was clear. In the span of a decade, Jett had ruined the lives of multiple women, all of whom were innocent, beautiful,

It was not difficult to understand. Jett was a handsome man. Despite being middle–aged, his regular workouts kept him fit. He was a refined, wealthy, and attractive fatherly figure, which seemed to be a trending archetype. Hence, it was normal that many young girls were attracted to him.

countryside or from poor backgrounds. Perhaps it was because

his prey. Jett is

climb into his bed. That’s why oo percent of

to deny it, but the evidence was right in front of her. It terrified her even more that 60 percent of the female students he sponsored had relations

only that, but they also developed mental illnesses, engaged in self–harming behaviors,

Leia’s information. She had stayed by Jeff’s side the longest, for a whole year. Their relationship changed after she became pregnant. Leia wanted

a secluded corner of a hospital. On

Leia had a slender, petite

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