Chapter 28

Lela was as important to Ethan as Jeff was to Olivia.

“I’m not denying that he is a good father, but he is definitely not a good person. Underneath that hypocritical facade lies the heart of a devil. Liv, I won’t hide anything from you anymore at this point,” Ethan said, down on one knee as he held Olivia’s face in his hands.

With a maniacal smile, he continued, “You were once everything to me. I loved you to the point of obsession. However, because you are Jett’s only daughter, the more I loved you, the more I hate you now.”

Although he was smiling, Olivia felt a chill run down her spine.

“On the day I fell into the water with Marina, did you intentionally save her first? Did you want our child to pay for the life of your sister’s child?

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