Olivia lifted her head with a sarcastic smile on her lips. “What a smart question. Did you forget that you were the one who wanted a divorce?”

He ignored her jibe and inched closer with a threatening air. “Were you with him for the past few days?”

At the close distance, she noticed the iciness in his bloodshot eyes, and his face contorted into an aggressive scowl.

She flatly denied, “No. He dropped me off because it was hard to get a cab on a snowy day.”

Ethan smirked. “Olivia, don’t you know that you always stare upward when you’re lying? You haven’t changed that habit at all. Did you suddenly agree to the divorce after one year of dragging your feet, all because of that man? Did you vanish and leave behind your dad because of him too?”

Olivia did not bother to cook up an excuse, knowing that it’d only be an insult to Ethan’s intelligence and make herself look guilty.

She swiftly steered the topic of conversation, “That’s not important. Let’s get the divorce over with.”

He grasped her wrist to stop her. Even though he didn’t use force, she felt the pain shooting through her arm, causing her to frown at him. There was a streak of madness in his face.

He hissed coldly, “I thought that a divorce was the best punishment for you, but I have changed my mind.”

Caught by surprise, she blurted out, “What did you say?”

a wicked look. “I don’t want a divorce now.” He brushed his slender fingers across her cheeks. “Mrs. Miller, does

been happy if he had brought her the news half a month ago. After learning the truth, she

averse to his embrace, which was once her safe haven. “Let me go!

chemo to fight against him. Olivia struggled while he placed her in the backseat of the car,

confronted him, “Ethan,

Ethan loosened his

set you free just for you to date another man? I underestimated you. You swore you’d

Olivia felt a heartache upon hearing

want to make it happen? You were the one who had an affair first. Why would you care

she felt him lifting her chin, telling her with indifference, “Everyone in the world

heard him muttering the

by both sides of her cheeks. Olivia noticed that his exquisite wool coat was perfectly smooth. He went about with his arrogant demeanor as though the people around him

soon, she would bear witness to his

out of the barriers, she spotted a long queue of cars on the opposite side of the road. At the head of the traffic jam

that Keith had gotten into a crash right after dropping her off. She screamed

car for her. Instead, he ignored her screaming and drove on. When she attempted to force the door open, Ethan yanked her by the wrist, and she fell into his arms. He mumbled lazily, “Why?

Dad at the hospital because we’re alumni! There’s nothing between us. Why

that’s because …

Ethan’s shirt despite her rage. She tried to keep her focus and explained, “Ethan, my dad sponsored Jodie—no,

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