Thankfully, Olivia did not fall over because Kelvin pulled her at the last minute. She noticed Ethan standing not far away, apathetic.

He was unconcerned about her condition. But again, he might have mistaken her action as an attempt to gain his pity. Given his hatred toward her, she wouldn’t expect him to care.

It was Kelvin who inquired with concern, “Mrs. Miller, are you okay?”

“I’m fine. It’s probably low blood sugar.” Olivia hurriedly made up an excuse before following behind Ethan.

The garden was covered in white after a night of snowing. The housekeepers were nowhere to be found, so no one was there to clear the snow.

The short walk from the car to the house made her pant. Fighting against the wind and snow, Olivia craved the warmth indoors.

Ethan stood by the door with a smirk on his face. “I have to give it to you. Your acting has improved.”

Back then, in order to keep him by her side, Olivia had used up all ideas, including crying and throwing threats, which she never thought she’d resort to.

She felt the irony in Ethan’s remark, but instead of explaining herself, she chuckled. “Thanks.”

She coldly walked around him to get indoors and immediately felt better, thanks to the warmth. Taking off the thick padded jacket, she poured herself a glass of water and leaned softly into the couch.

are you getting a

I’m getting a divorce.

face while toying with the hanging pom poms

for a while, but I finally got it after

reminding myself of how good you had treated me in the past. I thought keeping a woman was just a phase you

for you, and I was willing to overlook your mistakes. Come to think of it now, I was an utter idiot. When you were enjoying family time with another woman and your kids, I was hopelessly waiting for

That’s why I’m letting you go. Seek your

up and stumbled her way toward him, tears sliding down her cheeks. She

though he was a strict

the past, he only reserved his coldness toward outsiders and treated her with tenderness. Before she knew it, she had become an outsider to

low, Olivia spoke with a rare despair,

sorry upon hearing the plea, and he noted the exhaustion in her expression, just like a solid dam that had given

knew how long she had withstood the challenges before

divorce as revenge and also

as happy as he expected when Olivia gave up on him after a year. “Giving up on

which made him affected by her sadness. Frustrated, he took out his phone and showed her the photo of

family will meet the same fate soon. Olivia, you’d

come at me! Why did

in his eyes, he growled, “You sure care a lot for him. Don’t forget that you’re still Mrs.

thing, she was scooped into Ethan’s arms.

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