The wind blew bitingly cold on her face. Olivia was frozen to the core, but she pushed herself up and continued chasing after the car.

She overestimated the current condition of her body and only ran for a couple of feet before crashing back to the ground.

The car door opened. She saw a pair of shiny, tailored leather shoes halt before her. Slowly, she moved her sight from the shoes and up the trousers until she met Ethan’s cold and unnerving gaze.

“Ethan …” Olivia muttered weakly.

A pair of slender hands reached out to her. In a trance, Olivia thought she caught a glimpse of the young man she had fallen head over heels for all those years back. She could not help but stretch out her hands to him.

Just as their hands touched, Ethan pulled back, extinguishing the light in her after giving her false hope and causing her to fall once more.

She had not injured herself before this, but when she slipped this time, she cut her palms on the pieces of shattered glass on the ground. Blood started trickling down her palms to her arms.

A shadow seemed to flit across Ethan’s face, but he stayed motionless.

Olivia was stunned. Back then, he would rush her to the hospital in the middle of the night even though she merely had a cut on her finger.

She remembered the doctor chuckling and saying, “Thank goodness he brought you here in time. Otherwise, your wound would’ve healed on its own.”

The man before her and the one in her memories were the same person. He had the same eyes and face. Looking back, she realized that the concern he once showed for her was nowhere to be seen, replaced by a shade of icy indifference.

In a cold voice, Ethan said, “Olivia, do you really think that I don’t know you? You could easily run a mile and do a somersault. Do you expect me to believe you’d fall after running just a couple of steps?”

He stared at her, the mockery in his eyes like a knife cutting through her.

Olivia bit her lip and tried to explain. “It’s not like that. I’m not lying to you. I’m just a little weak because I’m sick—”

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