Olivia sounded unnaturally calm when she said this. It was as though she had thoroughly let go of Ethan.

However, Keith knew that letting go of someone you once loved was not as simple as this. She was like an injured animal that would hide her wounds in front of others but tended to them when no one was around.

Still, Keith did not probe further about it. He tried changing the subject. “I know you haven’t paid for your father’s surgery. Since we’re friends, I’ll lend you some money for now. You can pay me back in the future.”

It was not a simple matter for Olivia to obtain such a large sum of money. He had offered help multiple times before this, but she always refused.

Today was no different as Olivia shook her head and said, “No, thanks.”

“Olivia, your father’s condition is serious. Would you rather be humiliated by that scumbag than accept my help? I have no conditions. I just want to help you. My family might not be as wealthy as the Millers, but this sum isn’t much to me. So, don’t worry about it.”

Olivia was holding a glass of water with both hands. He thought she looked pale to the extreme when she glanced over at him. It made him rather upset to see her in such a state.

“Keith, I know you’re a good person, but … there’s no future for me anymore.” Whether it was money or his kindness, she couldn’t repay any of it.

Noticing the fluid in the IV bag was almost finished, Olivia forcefully pulled the needle free from the back of her hand. Blood gushed out from the wound since there was no gauze to stop the bleeding. However, she did not seem like she cared.

Picking up her jacket, she told him, “You don’t need to worry about the money. He’ll give me ten million dollars when I divorce him. My father just had surgery yesterday. I’m going to visit him at the hospital.”

She was as stubborn as a mule, just as had been when she suddenly decided to give up her studies to marry despite being dubbed the college genius. Even her mentors would sigh in grief while talking about her when Keith joined them for meals.

Olivia seemed to expect that Keith would suggest driving her to the hospital. Before he could say something, she was already gesturing to her phone and cutting off any chance of letting him speak.

“The cab is here.” Olivia then put on her jacket.

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Did she regret it?

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she should be regretting her decision, but when she closed her eyes, she would remember the shipwreck and the man who had rescued and dragged her

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the hospital, Jeff was still in the ICU. She could only watch him from afar. The questions she

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still together, he had mentioned having a little sister that went missing. Her disappearance took a toll on his mother’s mental

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her father. She rushed off to find Harvey, her father’s chauffeur,

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she knew now was that her father was still unconscious. She spent the day in a daze, not knowing what to do. Still, since things had come to

someone had devised

Olivia was no fool. Since she did not manage to obtain any clues from her family’s side, she shifted her target to Ethan’s chauffeur, Kelvin,

in the morning, so they should be on the way

some time, he answered the call and said in his usual polite

when she heard him addressing her that way. “Mr. Ingram, I’ve made an appointment with Ethan to settle our divorce. Can you pick me up so we could go to the City

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intentions. I’m just afraid that something might happen and stall us from getting divorced. I still

so when she spoke gently, Brent did not refuse. “Where are you,

This place was along the road to Collington Cove,

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