It was dead silent in the car. Marina’s voice was loud as she was anxious, so Olivia managed to hear her say the name “Connor.”

She remembered the day she received her pregnancy report. She had run into Ethan’s embrace and told him about it. “Ethan, you’re going to be a father! We’re having a baby!”

Her voice was filled with enthusiasm. “I’ve thought of our child’s name. It’ll be Colette if she’s a girl and Connor if she’s a boy. What do you think?”

Oh, how she wished she had misheard Marina, but Ethan looked her right in the eyes and told her, “His name’s Connor.”

“You asshole!” Olivia’s hand was already in the air. She slapped him, yet he did not flinch, letting her do as she pleased.

“How could you name her child after our own?”

The thought of her child was Olivia’s final straw. Tears streamed down her cheeks uncontrollably, and she pounced on him as if she had gone crazy.

“You devil! Why did God take away my child from me? Why weren’t you the one who died?” She landed hit after hit on him as she yelled, “He doesn’t deserve that name!”

Ethan grabbed both her hands and told Kelvin, “Head to Collington Cove.”

This made Olivia go berserk. “We’re close to the City Hall already! Settle our divorce first before you head elsewhere!”

“His fever won’t go down. I must go back now.”

“My father’s lying unconscious in the hospital, yet the nurses wouldn’t even let me anywhere near the hospital because of the bills! Are you saying that your child’s life is important, but my father’s life is nothing?” Olivia yelled in his face.

of Olivia’s father. “How dare you compare

fit of rage, Olivia raised her hand to slap him again, but he gripped her

as they moved further and further away from the City Hall. Ethan locked her tightly in his arms, restraining her movements and preventing her from

his arms, but they were nothing more than shackles to her now. His arms

she hollered, “Do you love Marina that

was stunned, for when he held Olivia, he found that she had not only gotten just a bit slimmer—she was way bonier than she was a year ago. She was paper-thin, and he could feel her bones

pampered so much was now so

a little. When he raised his head to look at her

it or not, I’ll have someone remove your father’s breathing tube right now if

silent then. Her hands clutched his clothes tightly as her tears soaked his shirt. It was funny how he was the one who used to

in the car was suffocating. Olivia finally managed to calm herself down, pushing him

plan. Stop worrying about me not letting you go because I’m going to divorce you no matter what. I don’t have the habit of

the word “trash,” but Olivia ignored him and carried

on you. I’ve seen everything now. Holding on is meaningless, so I’ll let things go. Give me the money,

if I don’t


his gaze and said, “Then I’ll jump out of

Ethan take out a check and write on it. “I’ll wire

I wouldn’t divorce you? Don’t worry. I’ll sooner take my own life than stay beside a man

slammed the door shut,


rushed to the hospital to settle her father’s medical fees. She then called a cab and headed to the address Brent

high-end cemetery. Those buried here were either affluent or filthy rich. Ethan’s late grandma was buried

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