Olivia looked at the paper in her hand. It was the address of a cemetery.

Was Ethan’s sister dead?

Even so, what did her father have to do with her death?

If anyone were to know what kind of person her father was, it would be Olivia. And she knew he was not one to harm others, let alone a young woman.

She knew that Brent and Kelvin would not disclose more information and decided to stop probing them. It was silent all the way to the Millers’ residence. Olivia had mixed feelings when they arrived.

Brent politely asked her, “Mrs. Miller, would you like to go inside?”

“No, thanks. I’ll wait for him here.”

This was the final time she would meet him, and it was only to settle their divorce. She did not want to cause more trouble for herself. Besides, every single thing in there would remind her of their time together, and she refused to reminisce about the past.

He was to blame for cherishing her so much back then. Even though he had become colder and more indifferent to her over time, she would never forget how kind and loving he had been.

He should have been someone she hated to the core, but she could not find it in her heart to do so.

The ignition was not turned off, and the inside of the car was warm and comfortable. She was the only one left in the car now.

Her stomach started to hurt again, and she curled up into a fetal position and waited for the sky to brighten up. After that, she shifted into a position where she hugged her knees tightly to her chest.

It was winter, so the days were short and the nights long. It was already seven in the morning now, yet the sky was still rather dark. The leaves had fallen from the apple tree in the garden, making her thoughts drift off to some time in the past.

During the apple season, she yearned to have a taste of apple cider. Knowing this, Ethan helped to pick the fruits for her.

Back then, the Ethan she knew was amiable and approachable. He was an excellent cook, and he spoiled her like a princess.

walking alone toward the tree. It was still

tree had changed; only a couple of dried leaves hung from the branches now. Its sorry state resembled her current

greeted him. A woman wearing a thin knitted shirt stood watching

weather was way better today than the past few days. The first rays of

under it, making her look like a fairy who would vanish into thin air in the blink of

look at him but

“Mhmm?” He hummed.

close to

want to drink the apple cider you made

and took some time to respond. “The

muttered, “Can

the barren tree. In a slightly softer tone, he told

Next year …

of the tree. She wouldn’t be able to wait for another year.


you be happy if I die?” She

heart skipped a beat at her words, and his thoughts became

calmly said, “Fine. It’s just some

corner of her lips turning up into a

wondered what kind of expression he would wear when he received the news about her

out the box of frozen apples from the fridge to defrost. Olivia watched as he busied himself in the kitchen, thinking ruefully

was something worth

roasting marshmallows. The sweetness permeated the air, reminding her of how Ethan’s grandmother would never

own granddaughter. Sadly, she passed away two years ago.

grandmother was no longer here to rob Olivia of her roasted marshmallows too, and that made

finishing the roasted marshmallows and gulping down a glass of warm water, she felt that her stomach did not hurt as

find Ethan pouring some of the soup into a thermos flask and into

fallen from being

eye to the truth of

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