Chapter 33

Olivia was beautiful. Even when she wept, she looked alluring. It was heart–aching to see someone so beautiful and so sad.

Brent said to her softly, “Madam, Mr. Miller is waiting for you.”

Olivia snapped back to reality. She reached out to wipe the tears from her face. She suddenly started sobbing again.

“Oh, Brent. I must look awful, don’t I?”

Brent had worked for Ethan for many years. He was no stranger to how vibrant his wife was. In the short span of two years, he gathered that she was like a withering flower: yet to witness her full bloom, and perhaps may never get to.

“Don’t worry. You still look beautiful. No one is as beautiful as you are.” Brent handed her a tissue.

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she was filled with hatred and wanted to get back at him. Once she saw the evidence, she was conflicted. She hated Ethan for what he did to the Fordhams and hated him even more for his

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