Chapter 32

After counting the days she had left, Olivia figured it might be a good idea to have a companion to celebrate the coming year.

Olivia, as she always did, extended her pinky finger and said, “Deal.”

Ethan was stunned. Marina brattily rubbed herself against him and whined, “Ethan.”

Ethan didn’t look at her. He slowly extended his finger, hooked it with Olivia’s, and said, “No take–backs.”

They had finally come to an agreement.

This was the only method Olivia could devise. He would stay with her for a month, then she would return his freedom to him.

Marina groaned, “Ethan, I’m not rushing you to get a divorce or anything, but think about our baby…

Olivia’s stomach churned as she looked at how childish Marina was being. “I’m going to the bathroom.”

except choosing people he wanted to

to be with someone like her to torture himself. She

was Ethan a sucker for this kind of

the bathroom. Men just don’t say no

like that in the past, he would

One month.

willing to

She shouldn’t have jinxed herself. She was just thinking that morning that her stomach had been doing much

fresh red blood that came with it. No matter how many times

dark omen.

it. She wasn’t going

as she was about to leave after freshening up, she felt

a lot like Ethan. It was his son. He had one hand on the sink while another held onto the corner of her coat. There was drool in his mouth as

was the product of

was for a short time.

herself and poked the tip of the boy’s nose with her finger. She said fiercely, “Hey little troublemaker, don’t you dare

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