Keith scheduled Olivia’s first round of chemo for the day after tomorrow to prevent her condition from deteriorating.

The chemo would come with a plethora of side effects. In the first two weeks, the patient would feel weak and experience hair loss.

That was why Olivia would have to get everything sorted out before the session.

Although Jeff was still in a coma, at least Olivia didn’t need to worry about paying off his medical bills. She made a payment at the hospital before heading back to the home that she used to share with Ethan.

She was worried that she might be too weak after chemo. Hence, she booked the services of a moving company before starting chemo. She was planning to move out of this place anyway.

Olivia’s best friend, Everly Hilton, showed up in office wear. She strutted around in heels while clutching a crossbody. At the same time, she happened to be carrying two bags of chips as well.

Olivia immediately heard her friend’s loud voice from afar. “Liv, you are finally free of suffering! I just received the commission from my property sale last month, so let me treat you to a fun night at the Dark Horse Clubhouse today! There are so many guys out there for you!”

Everly did not know about Olivia’s diagnosis because she went abroad to visit her boyfriend in the same week Olivia hid away. She simply thought that Olivia had given it a good thought and decided to go for a divorce.

Olivia chuckled in response. “No, that won’t work. I’m scared that your beau might show up and knock on my door right away when he hears about that.”

“Oh, drop it. I will never believe in long-distance relationships anymore. I wanted to show up and surprise him, but guess what? That fucker took my hard-earned commissions and spent it all on another bitch!”

Everly looked vicious, yet her eyes were filled with pain. Her seven-year relationship was over, all because they went long-distance.

Olivia wanted to offer words of comfort, but at the thought of her messy marriage, she felt that she didn’t have the right to reassure others.

she remarked, “Knowing you, you

the bench by the flower garden and took a seat. She gave Olivia a bag of chips

all these years of a long-distance relationship. I had a bad feeling about this whole thing

across the globe just to see me on Valentine’s Day, even if he only had a few days off. Now, he hasn’t

he was busy with his Ph.D. studies, so I started working part-time as a property agent just to support him financially, all

money? And with the money from my

out of a soap opera.” She continued to lament. “At one point, I thought I’d go mad. It was quite ridiculous, catching him cheating in the boxers that I

her cheeks onto the bag

the end? I’m a prestigious med school student who was rushing between apartment viewings just to support a traitor. He might have even bought the condoms

her best friend. “Oh, please don’t cry.

was to him? I did not make a scene. I lit a cigarette and started calculating the money he had to pay me back. Thank God I put the house under my name.

aback by Everly’s decisiveness. “So, did he agree to

him when I asked for the house and money back.

stayed around for a couple of days to sell off the house and cut all ties with

wiped away her tears and continued, “Liv, we’re long past the age of believing in romantic love. We have to choose between love and bread, right? You didn’t like it when I told you to get a divorce a year

last chip. “Look, even if you lost your man, you could spend

coughed awkwardly. “Um, I only got ten

audacity of that cheating bastard to offer you only ten million …” Everly gasped in disbelief. “Wasn’t he very generous to you? Since when did he

the moon. When he’s no longer into you, you’re worse than trash. Let’s not talk about him.

you to a nice dinner

Olivia smiled. “Okay.”

Ethan, so there wasn’t much for her to pack. It was less of

seen smiling brightly in the photo. Even Ethan, who always looked

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