Chapter 23

The bathroom door forcefully flew open, startling Olivia, who was picking up the last strands of her hair. Watching him nervously, she said, “Hey-”

Before She could finish, her eyes were attacked by the sight of Ethan’s bare, muscular chest. Even though they had spent countless nights together in the past, it made her uncomfortable after not seeing him for over a year. She quickly averted her


Soon, the shadow he cast and his unique scent enveloped her as he approached. Olivia instinctively cowered and stared at him warily. “What are you doing?”

Ethan slowly bent over her, his deep, dark gaze eyes falling upon her as he asked, “You said you were sick. How sick?”

Olivia didn’t know how to feel meeting his inquisitive gaze. His eyes were devoid of mockery, disdain, and aloofness; he genuinely wanted to know about her illness.

she told Ethan

closing the distance between them.

I’m waiting,”


a ringtone Ethan had exclusively set for Marina’s calls, which had haunted Olivia for more than a

he heard that ringtone regardless of what he was doing. Olivia still felt anxious whenever she heard that

her like a bucket of cold water, leaving her cold from head to toe. She

in Olivia’s eyes changed. Her conflicted feelings were

I had a cold, and I was in the

that she had a

knew nothing about her hospitalization. It pained him, and he even felt a little guilty. No wonder she had

to say. Because of how hostile he had been, he couldn’t bring himself to utter any words

each other anymore. Why are we

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