Chapter 24

Olivia found it increasingly difficult to understand him as his temper changed quicker than the weather.

He was the one who had demanded a divorce, yet he would fumme whenever she brought up the topic. Had his sister’s death driven him off the edge of sanity? Was he experiencing early andropause? What a hormonal man!

Ethan washed up and left, leaving Olivia lying on the bed with her back facing him. Their past affectionate farewells were nowhere to be heard, and the cold slam of the door was the only thing that filled the air. Olivia was aware of her weak health, so she didn’t put up much of a fight.

The only thing that hadn’t changed was Madam Burgess‘ kindness. Equipped with an apron and a spatula, she still prepared delicious food for her every day.

“I brewed a healthy chicken stew for you, Mrs. Miller. Please eat it,” Madam Burgess announced softly.

With a gentle smile, Olivia replied, “Please make me some fish chowder too, Madam Burgess.”


going out to play in the snow, Mrs. Miller? I remember that you used to love

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her. She found it strange–Olivia disliked fish and she used to be


assumed that Olivia was throwing a tantrum at Ethan,

consume a large amount of protein and nutrients, which helped to replenish and maintain her white and red blood cell

to rest every night, but they did not speak. They slept with their backs facing

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anytime soon as the sky was still bright. For the first

her and lent her phone to Olivia. Hence, Olivia had not lost contact with the outside world, but Lee still didn’t know the cause of Jodie’s death, which spurred Olivia to take a risk and

said, “The lock has been changed, Mrs. Miller. You’ll need to use your fingerprint. Let me help

wiped her hands on her apron and placed her

just two quarreling youngsters. She didn’t know a thing about the grievances they harbored toward each

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