Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 956 Select A Queen

Crystal’s POV:

I didn’t answer right away. I thought for a long time and sadness crept on my heart. “To keep Rufus alive, I have to stay away from him. We can’t ever be together.”

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Flora’s eyes turned red. “So are you going to stay in the border pack for the rest of your life?”

“It’s not that bad in the border pack. I have a good life there, and my two kids are healthy and happy. I just want to grow old and be done with my life.”

While I spoke, the sadness engulfed my heart even more. Every day without Rufus felt the same—dull and lifeless. The happiness and joy of the past seemed to have escaped me forever.

will work out in the end. Who knows what the future holds for us?” I nodded, but I didn’t want to talk about this

thigh and asked breathlessly,

both stunned and confused for a moment.

held in the form of a masquerade, which will be held tomorrow night. All the daughters of the Alphas who are of the

a lot younger noble girls who came

comfort me. “I’m not sure Rufus will even choose one. After all, he’s a picky guy. Maybe none of

shook my head and didn’t say anything more on the matter. Laura must have got Rufus’ permission before she made arrangements for this ball, or no one

about time. If he doesn’t get married and have children soon, he won’t be able to produce an heir. It’s only natural the royal family is anxious.” I had always expected that someday, Rufus would get married again. As the lycan king, he had to take the interests of the whole empire into account. Even if he didn’t want to, for the

passed, and it was time

“I only hope he lives a good life with a

whimpered, “Don’t

stuck out her lower lip sadly. “Why don’t you go to the masquerade too? Maybe you can be with Rufus, even if you keep

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