Get Me Married

Get Me Married By Tori Chapter 2

Chapter 2: the beginning

“It’s called a hangover, you drank a lot last night” he smiled at me. “I have always drank a lot, it has never hurt this way” I added. He suddenly stared at me concerned and came closer. His hands went to my head and then my neck. “Shit, you have caught a fever” he said with concern written all over his voice. “Great, awesome” I said sarcastically and he groaned. He got up from the bed and went over to the first aid kit and brought out a thermometer. He came back to the bed and he gestured me to open my mouth which I did. He placed the thermometer in my mouth and came down from the bed again. I fell ill, I never fell ill. I was always immune strong and was always strong, how could I had fallen sick? I needed to go back home and great…….. I fell sick. When Nate came back, his hands were filled with tablets and drugs. I rolled my eyes and almost whimpered at the thought of taking those drugs. I hated drugs, I hated it so bad, I felt like I could shed tears at the sight of it. He pulled out the thermometer from my mouth and gaped at me. While I felt cold, I was beginning to fill so cold it felt like I should just wrap myself into my body but that was impossible. “Babe, we are going to the hospital” Nate said and my eyes shut open. “What? No” I protested. “You are burning up beyond words Genesis, you need more than this routine drugs” he said and came down from the bed. He walked over the ward rope and searched for a shirt for himself. “I will be fine, come on don’t stress” I insisted when I saw him taking out my clothes too. He gave me no response and came back with the clothes he held in his hands. The look on his face proved he wasn’t going to listen to anything I had to say. I actually regretted why I followed him to his apartment, I should have gone back to the apartment I shared with the girls and sleep myself to stupor and I didn’t. “Babe, I can’t take you back home looking sick please” his eyes softened and the concern in his voice was more profound. “Where the hell are you going to get money for. ….” “Shhhh, let’s get to the hospital first” he interrupted. I became more worried, I knew Nate for sure would do anything for me if he could and that was what scared me. I didn’t want him spending all he had because I was sick, he still had to go home and see his parents and get a job. “Come on, I am not changing my mind” he said and helped me up. Getting up made my headache worse, I could barely stand up at the state I was in. But I had to, I needed to change the party clothes I used in sleeping into something more appealing before I get dragged to the hospital. So I slowly got up from the bed and went over to the bathroom with Nate holding me steadily like I could fall with out him. Which I didn’t doubt that I would actually do. I still felt terribly cold but I pretended to be better, I could actually do anything at that moment to escape from going to the hospital. I just hated hospital. I took off my clothes and tried my possible best to put on the cloth he gave me and sat down at the toilet seat, feeling really weak and terrified at the state I was in. I knew that my body wasn’t mine, it wasn’t the Genesis it was the previous night and I couldn’t deny that I was not fine. “Genesis” Nate called out from the door. “Your mom would so get worried about you if you show up sick after your graduation, you ……” at the mention of my mom I felt the headache tearing my head into two. Gosh, the thought of my parents and how they have been striving made me worry sick immediately. Not to call it selfish, but I try my possible best not to think about them, it was always pulling me into depression and I almost died one time because I had been in a depressed state because I was thinking so much about them and my sister and one day I collapse on my way to a very important test. The doctor said a lot of gibberish and made me spend weeks in the hospital and at the end of the school year, I decided to push the thought of them away from my mind so I could focus more on my school. My head immediately felt heavy at the thought of them again, just as immediately I felt dizzy. “Babe….” This time he walked into the bathroom and stared at me concerned. I gave him a weak smile and got up from the toilet seat but that was a mistake because a nagging pain shot into my head and that was it. ABIGAIL CONNOR I felt my body going limp at the sight of my daughter Ava. Tears streamed down my cheek in a frightening way, my heart was beating so fast, I couldn’t react at the sight of my little Ava lying down so lifeless. Her skin looked pale and her breathing was laboured. “What are you doing?”  My husband yelled and shoved me aside. He picked up Ava by carrying her in his arms before he ran out of the kitchen. I wiped my tears and ran behind him till we came out of the house. He literally ran into the road to stop a vehicle, any vehicle that could stop so we could take Ava to the hospital. Most vehicles ignored him, by passing him by and most started yelling and cursing at him like he was a mad man. Just as he was yelling and screaming for help, I noticed a convoy coming in full speed. “Connor….Connor….” I yelled so he could hear me and get away from the road but he didn’t hear me. He didn’t move away and he just kept doing what he was doing, yelling and pleading for the cars and cabs that drove by for help. “Connor….” I yelled again, tears

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