Get Me Married

Get Me Married By Tori Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Genesis Connor

please, someone should attend to her first, please” my husband pleaded and she went mute. “Can someone help, while I register her?” I asked and she remained mute. “can’t you see that she is dying?” I yelled. “you need to register your name ma’am” she said indifferently. “Someone should just take her in please” Connor pleaded still. “You have been delaying, if she dies, it’s on you” the nurse said rudely and more tears flowed from my eyes. “Is that the way you speak to people around here?” a voice yelled coldly from behind us and we turned around. It was the wife of the formal head of state,  the lady that had helped us. “Ma’am….I….do you…..” the nurse behind the desk stuttered. “Get them immediate attention now” she barked at the nurse who looked frightened and immediately walked out from the canter and urged us to follow which we did without delay. We followed the nurse who pointed us to a different nurse who took us to a different room and there we laid  Ava. “Leave the room please”  a doctor walked in immediately followed by various nurses. “Please save her” I was able to mutter at the sight of how pale Ava became before Connor pulled me out of the room. “Oh my…what are we going to do, I can’t loose her” I cried and Connor gathered me in his arms. I couldn’t afford to loose my baby, she was my child, I bore her in my womb and she had been suffering for so long I couldn’t bare it anymore. “Take me in place of her please, I can’t loose her…..” “Shhh, we ain’t loosing anyone. No one is going in place of any person. We are all going to be fine, now you have to be strong” Connor held me tighter, like my life depended on it. “You have to be strong for Genesis, for Ava, for me” he sounded scared but I could tell he was trying all he could to remain strong for me. LEONA CHASE For some reason, I didn’t leave the hospital, I felt terrible for the child. I could see the helplessness in the eyes of her parents. I understood what they were going through, I understood the fear and tension, I understood the panic and the pain they were going through. I had been there several times, it wasn’t an alien feeling to me. I felt strangely connected to them, so I stayed behind and watched from behind the scene as they both shed tears like children even without knowing the condition of their daughter yet. I watched them for a while till my phone rang and I had to walk away from where I stood and picked it up immediately. It was my p.a, she was a pain in my ass but she was always efficient and effective when it came to her work and I knew in my stone coded heart that I would not get a p.a like her in years time if she was to leave….. ever. “Go on..” I said in my normal tone of language and waited for her to report to me. “Samantha Brandon is in Netherland right now and I was able to get through to her but she isn’t willing to reschedule so you both can have an official meeting” she reported and I immediately started feeling a migraine coming up. I remained quiet while thoughts ran through my head. If she didn’t want to fix a meeting with me, how else was I supposed to explain to her that she had to marry Jordan? “Can you get me in line with her?” that was the only way I could think of. “Yes, give me a few minutes” she said and I hung up. I sighed in clear frustration, when I remembered I still needed to get Jordan a wife in two weeks. Just as my thoughts ran to and fro, I decided to get some painkillers for my migraine before I left for home. So I headed to the pharmaceutical department but not without looking around, though all I could see were my security men but I still looked around. When something caught my attention. Or someone rather. She was lying down on a sick bed in one of the hospital rooms and I couldn’t help but stop and stare at her. Though she was sick and a little bit pale, her beauty was beyond this world and the more I stared at her, I couldn’t help but think about her as a daughter in-law. She was beautiful and could meet up to the family standard with her looks alone. “ I can’t believe you fell sick after graduation. Your mom would be so worried” a girl her age said to her. “I mean they have your sister to take care of and now you” the other girl sitting by her side said. “Guys….they don’t know I am here, and you can’t tell them I am sick” the girl I admired so much said. “They didn’t meet up for my graduation ceremony because of Ava, I don’t want them worrying about me” she added. The girls beside her went quiet and stared at her. “Nate, Tiana and I gathered some money, but they won’t be enough for your hospital bill” one of the girls said and they all went quiet again. “Excuse me ma’am” someone stood in front of me with a tray of food in his hands “Can I help you?” he asked and I stared at him, unsure of what I wanted help for, I stared down at his hands and then back at the girl. “You know her right?” I asked and he looked at me unsure for a moment. “Yes ma’am..” he replied. “What’s her name?” I asked and again he looked at me unsure of himself. “Genesis Connor” he replied and a faint smile spread across my face before I left. My phone rang again and my p.a once again was still efficient. I picked the call and waited for her to speak. “I will be putting you through to her ma’am” she said and the phone beeped. “Yes, Samantha Brandon here” her voice came through the other end of the line and I exhaled in relief. “It’s Leona Chase” I simply said and waited for her reaction. “Good day ma’am” she replied with a voice that insinuated that she didn’t want to speak to me. “I have been told that you are too busy to schedule a meeting between us” I said. “Yes ma’am” She simply said and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at Jordan’s choice of a wife. I just didn’t like that girl. “Well, let me go straight to the point then” I started. “You and Jordan were a thing for a long time I guess, before you broke his heart and left the city” I said the obvious. “The universe has given you a second chance so to speak” I said in the nicest way possible. “A chance at what?” she asked. “A chance to be Jordan’s bride. Before he comes forward with his request, I want to be sure of what you want. Will you be his wife?” I asked and the phone went silent while I hoped she would be the one to end my dilemma. “No” her voice came strong and firm. I knew immediately that she didn’t need more time to think about the request, she knew what she was doing and she sounded sure of it. “Okay” my voice remained in the tone it was like I wasn’t affected by her actions but weakness was never a strong point for me. “Hope I get to see you soon though” I added. “I will try my best ma’am” she said and we ended the conversation. The pain in my head increase immensely and I hastened my footstep to the pharmacy. I got the drugs and decided it was time to leave the hospital. I had to pick a bride soon, I had to get Jordan married and so far Samantha was out of the picture. So I had more work caught out for me, finding a bride wasn’t the problem. Jordan, my son was. As I walked towards

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