Get Me Married

Get Me Married By Tori Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Wrong woman


My heart skipped at the way he stiffened at my touch, it felt like something was wrong or something might go wrong.

I had watched too many romance movies to actually have this fear that he might call off the wedding at that time. It was a weird thought but it just popped into my head and I didn’t want to be the girl that was left at the alter or left at her wedding. It was going to make a news headline if the Jordan Chase actually dumped me on our wedding day few minutes before we tied the knot. And it was going to hurt me terribly because I did like him a lot, plus the humiliation I would have to face, the society wasn’t going to be kind to us and I was not ready, I would have never been ready to go through that. He stared at me for what seemed like hours with an unreadable expression in his eyes, the feeling in my guts told me something was wrong and you know how it is, guts feeling never lies.


There I stood, nervous, tensed and excited. I was excited to see her, I was happy to see her but the wait was driving me crazy.

I kept the best face I could keep for cameras, I smiled when someone said something funny but that was it. The nervousness was killing me and my hands were becoming sweaty.

My mom kept smiling at me and my dad who sat close to her kept a neutral face and said no word to me even after coming to my wedding pretty late.

The song rose up and my nervousness increased when I realized she was about to come in. Seeing her from afar, my heart raced, her gown fit her perfectly and she was beautiful. She loved my present, she realized what I had done and I knew because she wasn’t focused on me but her

environment, she would walk and pause few times. I was happy she was happy, I gave her the wedding of her dreams after all.

The closer she came, the more anxious I became.

Then I noticed her curves and that, that got me uneasy. It brought back the feeling I had in my guts. Samantha wasn’t curvy, though I wanted to believe that she might have had surgery but I knew her and knew how she felt about stuffs like that. It made me panic and more nervous. From the little distance I watched her closely, my eyes glued on her, then I noticed the rose flower she carried. Samantha would have never picked up a rose flower even if it was a gift to her. She hated rose, she loved peony instead.

“what is going on?” I found myself asking.

Her steps, her steps were too different. Samantha walked like a boss, her steps were too confident and you could see the pomposity she carried as her hips swayed, but suddenly she was walking gracefully. Too gracefully, her steps were confident ofcourse and humble but I felt like I was seeing a whole new person. Her height was another thing that caught my attention. Samantha was tall, if she wore the heels that I believed she wore, she should be taller but she was few inches shorter. My stomach tightened in a knot and I quickly stole a glance at my mom, she smiled at me warmly and it didn’t stop my uneasiness. I turned back to my bride, she was closer, I looked at

face, her veil made sure I couldn’t see all part of her face or eyes even. As she stood in front of me, I knew something was wrong. Her hands were gently placed in mine and I stiffened, it felt

longer smiling, she looked apprehensive, she mumbled something to my dad


just a minute” he muttered to the priest and urged

I stared at him for a while, then back at my bride, I squeezed her hands a little

“What’s going on with

“What makes you think something is going on?” I asked with

with worried looks on her face. I stared at her for a while, in an attempt to read her, to believe she wouldn’t have done what my heart was

there a problem?” she asked one

different mom, she looks so different from Samantha” I said and she scoffed

there” she said and

her. You know women, she made changes, she have the money. Now can you go get married already” she ordered and my dad took my

led me back to the stage, without giving me a chance to argue or ponder on what she said. But I took what she said, I didn’t have the time to think because of the overwhelming presence around, my mom was a lot of things and would do a lot of things, I believed that she wasn’t going to deceive me the way I thought she

priest immediately started with a short sermon while the crowd had their seat. I stood facing my bride, still very skeptical about everything. I kept looking at her veil to get a glimpse of what she looked like, I

possible best to keep my composure and get married to the woman of my dreams but I kept getting uneasy. We said our vows and moved to


she paused and stared at me, I could tell she was staring at

voice sounded too different, It was the same voice

am honoured to call you my husband” she said and slide the

her hands in mine, lots of thoughts went through my head at that moment, my uneasiness made it worse. I expected to actually feel

“with this

I paused and reassured myself that I was doing the right thing, it was exactly what I wanted. I convinced myself that the overwhelming feeling I got was as a result of

I bestow upon thee all the treasures of my heart, mind and hands” I said and slide the ring through her hands and the congregation clapped. We were pronounced

That was it, I was officially

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