Get Me Married

Get Me Married By Tori Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Samantha Brandon


Everyone stood up and stared at him walking away without taking a second glance at me till he was completely out of the glass house. Then they stared at me.

I blinked rapidly in attempts to push away the tears that threatened to fall down from my eyes. I held my flower as tightly as I could, I didn’t want to cry. I couldn’t afford to cry, with so many people.

I was so confused, I was hurt and devasted. It was my wedding and of all the things I expected, what he did shocked me.

I looked around the crowd for help, my eyes fell on Tiana first, then my mom and mom Leona. They saw the look of helplessness in my eyes and immediately came to my aid.

Hours later, a driver drove me to a different hotel. That was the hotel I was supposed to have gone with my husband but I was driving there alone after telling my family and everyone I loved good bye.

Mom Leona had said something urgent came up and he had to leave that way, atleast that was what she explained to the press but I knew that was a lie.

I was supposed to be happy or nervous about my new life with my husband. I was supposed to be in the car, holding his hands or talking about something as we always spoke on phone. I was supposed to be nervous about my wedding night and how I was going to live as a Mrs Jordan Chase but that wasn’t what happen.

What happened was that, my husband left me on our wedding and didn’t return even when it was late at night. What happened was that I was driving back to a hotel alone, confused and completely heart broken.

The car came to a halt and a guard opened the door. It still felt weird having so many security.

I stepped down begrudgingly and started walking while two security followed behind. Most leople bowed their heads to me, which was weird because I knew none of them. I was being treated better and no one looked down on me. I guessed that was what I got for being a Chase.

The moment I opened the door to my hotel room and stepped in, I breathed heavily and fell on the bed.

I felt so miserable, I felt so pained, I felt so annoyed. Things were terrible for me and yet many envied the wife of Jordan Chase.

A single tear escaped my eyes and then another and another till it fell like rain. I missed my family, I missed my friends and I wasn’t as happy as I expected I would be on such a day.

“Why did he leave?” !

“Where did he go to?”

“Did I do something wrong?” I kept asking so many questions.

After a while of crying till I could no longer cry. I picked up my phone and went through the buzz of social media. My wedding was all that was being talked about, everyone spoke about it, they were infact nice things. No one spoke about Jordan leaving his wife at the alter. They felt like it was a perfect wedding and truly, at the beginning of everything, I also felt it was a perfect wedding, but I wasn’t so sure. I wasn’t even sure I would have a perfect life after.

“maybe something happened. He had to have a reasonable excuse to have left me that way. He would call and apologize and everything would be fine” I told myself and gave myself a little hope.

I remained awake and waited for him to call as he had been doing for the past few days, none came. I waited for a text, nothing happened. As time ran fast into the night, the little hope in my heart disappeared and I slept off alone and miserable on my wedding night.

I woke up to a beautiful breakfast that was placed in front of me on my bed and my heart leaped in Joy immediately.

“Maybe it’s Jordan” my thoughts said excited.

My stomach rumbled and sang in excitement at the aroma of the food that passed through my nose and I immediately dug into it without waiting to see you placed it there.


the sight of her, it was Jordan I wanted to see,

I stuttered as I tried coming in terms with the

instead and the faint smile she had on her

came closer to the bed. Tears burned the back of

“Come on, eat” she said and sat close to me on the

confused, I didn’t even knows how I was supposed to react. Was I supposed to get angry?

energy” she persuaded me. I stared at her with sad eyes for a while but I reluctantly did as she said and

While I ate, she stared at me, her eyes held so much pity and sympathy. It made me feel worse, I felt

“Where is Jordan?” I asked her again

trip” she simply

“He left without uttering a word to me, I am his wife, am I not?” I

you are my dear” she said taking

He would be back and everything will be

gave me no feeling of hope and happiness,

call or text. I don’t think you are telling me the

he hasn’t called or texted, it’s going to be fine I

come on in” Mom Leona yelled after a while and pulled away from the hug. Pretty young ladies with a pink, sexy uniform came marching into

they?’ I asked her

here yet. But they will be incharge of you” she said and

eventually everything. They can bath you, feed you, shop with you, give you massages, manicure, pedicures. Anything you need them to do” she said and a

honeymoon to be in an island or a resort in a island.

she said to them and

called out to me when they were out of

asked and my eyes met hers as


are a Chase now” she said and covered both of my

gave her a

“You have to do everything to keep

laugh when you want to cry, represent us as the only daughter in-law of Liam Chase and keep your pain away from everyone,

“Your family” she said

just have to be a Chase” she added and I pulled

I have to pretend to be happy. I can’t even tell them that my husband hasn’t sent a text or called me after he left huh?”

the way it is. You would do anything to protect your family,

to this marriage in the first place. To protect your family” she paused and

“Same way you have to protect this family. You have two families now and you have to protect us just as you

agreeing to what she had to say

to mom

you would travel out of the country, for the days he would be away atleast” she added and

I asked

“You are Chase now, you can do anything” she said

“Now pick a country of your choice. I think I will appoint my p.a to assist you while we go about searching for someone who can assist you

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