Get Me Married

Get Me Married By Tori Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Attraction and care

“Please…just let me go” I screamed at my captor. Tears were coming down my cheeks and my heart was beating harder in my chest. I could feel my breath coming short the more I screamed and kicked against my captor. But he was adamant about letting me go, he dug his nails into my arms and caused me even more pains than the ones he had caused me. My skin was bruised up and bloody. I was on the floor and everything looked blurry in my eyes. The only thing that was registered in my mind was the pain in my body pleading to be left alone. I wasn’t so sure I could take more of the torture, it was just too much for me to take all at once.

I slowly felt his hands on my thighs, trailing his finger all over my leg, then he moved up upward, feeling every part of my body without any from of restraint from me and slapping on my skin as his way of torturing me even more. I slowly turned my eyes to look at his face, he had an evil smirk on it and he slapped me across my face. I immediately tasted blood in my mouth and the downpour of my tears increased.

“Just let me go please” I pleaded with him. But he didn’t. Instead he laughed and circled his hands around my neck. Then I felt my breath leaving me and my weak body struggled against him. I thrashed, ignoring the pain I was feeling all over so he could let me go, I just kept thrashing, looking for ways to get my breath back. My breath was slowly going and I couldn’t find air, his grip on my neck was too strong and he was out to kill me.

“Genesis….hey…no…” Someone pulled me away from his grip and my eyes opened. A panic attack sets in almost immediately and I found myself back in my room, I drew a long hard breath and a wheezing sound escaped my throat. I tried getting up from my bed but I fell down to the ground unable to feel my limp, it was like my blood stopped flowing in my body. My heart was in pain, it was so hot and felt like it was being torn into shreds, my lungs were on fire and I just couldn’t breath no more. Then I felt someone arms around me. Jordan’s cologne filled my nostrils and his hands on me made me feel safe.

“Shhh ..take a deep breath” he said calmly while running his hands through my hair.

“Nothing happened. One breath at a time” he said. I followed his instructions and relaxed my head against his body. I took a deep breath and tried exhaling, I felt the burning in my lungs ease up with the intake of oxygen.

“Again…. Come, a deep breath” he instructed and I did as I was told.

I kept repeating the same process over and over with his voice in my head and his body so close to me till I could no longer feel the burning in my lungs any more. When my breath settled, I felt him tighten his arms around me from behind after taking a deep breath of his own.

The dream I had played back in my head and I realized that it wasn’t going to go away. I was really scared of him and till he was found and locked up, I knew I wouldn’t have peace of mind.

In Jordan’s arms, I felt safe and just didn’t want to leave. So I remained in that same position for a long time without any of us uttering a word. He was in my room again and I should have probably ask him what he was doing there but he just pulled me out of a nasty nightmare and helped me calm my nerves. I didn’t want to ask that, he was there and he had helped me was all that mattered to me.

After a long time of staying in that position. I felt him pull away and place his hand underneath my legs. He lifted me up from the ground in a bridal style and placed me back on the bed, gently. He sat beside me on the bed, quietly, while he watched me. I said nothing also, simply becaus didn’t know what to say and just couldn’t find my voice at that instant. I took my time and he looked comfortable enough, he didn’t look like he was going anywhere or in a haste. So I took my time, a lot of it.

get them all. My kidnappers are

voice came out dim and calm,

we will get them and get the master mind behind all this” he said with a determination in his voice that I have never heard before. I smiled faintly and lied down on my side so I could look at him. He was still Jordan alright, the handsome prince of the chase and

that night himself. He met my gaze with his and my heart caught in my throat for that moment. It got me thinking. If he was actually never in the picture, Jordan

and looked ahead while relaxing himself on a pillow at

and a sad smile spread to my lips. I didn’t want to sleep, sleeping felt like hell for me, the only place I

to your room” I said, ignoring the pain in my

“You are scared” he said and turned back

said while staring into my eyes.

am fine”I assured him and

I did as I was told because something told

being so nice to me again?” I asked him and resisted the urge to open my eyes

and not in such a state” he replied and my heart dropped. I didn’t know why, but

on my arms. It felt warm and felt like they were supposed to be there. I sighed and

still see the blue in her eyes in my head even when her eyes were shut. She looked calm and there was this peace to her, yet a beautiful sight she was, just like the

that thought and I got up from where I had laid all through out the night. I turned to the door and walked out of her room and immediately bumped into Samantha. She had the



really mad, for her to hit me and I knew that. For a woman I loved, I understood and knew why she was angry. I had gone out of my room, and left her alone for the

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