Get Me Married

Get Me Married By Tori Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Smell of jealousy

I said nothing to her ridiculous demands and walked away, leaving her behind. I had to eat, I had to sleep, I had to return to work, I had to look for the kidnappers and who was the master mind behind every thing. I didn’t have time for her drama.

I went downstairs and sat down at the dinning table. Margaret came out of the kitchen with my breakfast just in time and I dug in immediately. I started eating soon after and looked at the chair that was opposite mine at the edge of the table, the seat Genesis always liked seating on was empty and again I found myself thinking about her. She had a panic attack the previous night, it got me worried.

“Margaret” I called out.

“Yes sir” she replied almost immediately and stood by my side like she never left.

“Genesis had a panic attack last night, when her doctor comes to check on her, inform him about it” I said with out turning to her.


“I am sure I was pretty clear about what I said ” I turned to her and she looked away.

“I’m sorry, I just…”

“She always has a panic attack sir, I don’t think…”

“What do you mean she always has a panic attack?” I found myself getting confused

“She is your wife sir, aren’t you supposed to know that?” Margaret stated bluntly and I glared at her. She was my nanny one time in my life and had been with me all those years. She wasn’t that old and wouldn’t retire even after my mother had asked her to. She had respect for me but could be a pain when she was set out to.

“Since when has this been going on?” I asked dryly.

“I don’t know, but it started the day you started hurting her like an animal” she stated.


you grow up, don’t think because you are cold, scary and grown up, I won’t spit the truth.

like the thought of having to think about her the way I was. I didn’t want to forget that she had lied to me and manipulated me into marrying her. That was the exact reason I always hurt her, my anger just drives me when ever she showed her beautiful face. I sighed again and shook my head like it would ward off

the doctor to check on her” I said and suddenly lost my appetite before

for my

I was so close to the stairs when I

asked her calmly but she ignored

are you doing?” I asked her again trying hard to control my anger. She looked away from me and turned to the

me leave Jordan” she

upstairs with your luggage” I ordered and let go of

wife at night? No, I

only trying to help

at night. Is she so good in

“Samantha” I yelled.

for the first time in my life because of her and you did nothing. You didn’t even comfort me, don’t I need

your bags” I said but

help” I stated the obvious. I knew she ruined the both of our lives by lying and thinking about it each

was never so vague, she was always calm and not so heartless. Hearing her

stared at her and just didn’t understand why I

Jordan. And when you are not

fucking time that she is your wife” her tears were hurting me even more and I sighed

I am sorry for all this” I simply

when she was done and I turned to the stairs, Genesis was coming down the stairs all dressed up with in a white rugged jean,

without breaking and turned to the entrance

morning ma, you look….” Margaret

“Different” she added.

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