Get Me Married

Get Me Married By Tori Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Returning home


Looking out the window, I watched as the sun rose and our car passed the buildings and houses that made the city. We were back in the familiar serene, quiet trail that led to the beautiful mansion of Jordan Chase. Yes, you heard me, I was officially going back to Jordan and it didn’t leave a good feeling inside of me.

After Jordan’s words the previous day, my father had asked him to leave, he wanted to speak to me. It was hard, but he left reluctantly and I had breathed a sigh of relief after.

I turned to my father and he once again pulled me into a hug. I settled in them, for it was the protection I needed, it was exactly what I needed at that point and I was really happy that they were there. The warmth of his embrace reminded me that I had someone who loved me, someone who would shield me, someone who would do anything for me. I was still his daughter, his baby girl and if he could take away all my pain, he would. My father.

“Come on princess, let’s go home,” he said and I pulled away from him. I stared up at him and he simply smiled at me, a smile that spoke a lot. I wanted to go home with them, and I didn’t care if it was the old place we were before the Chases came into our lives. I didn’t care what home he was talking about but I was ready to leave with him and just be with my family.

“No…” I replied sadly.

“Wait…what? Why?” My mother pulled my arm so I could look at her.

“If I follow you home, the reporters would follow me too. I don’t want your lives to be destroyed by them” I answered.

“We don’t care about that, your friends might want the reporters out of their hair too” my dad put in. I sighed for a while and turned to Tiana and Tiffany who were at a corner. They needed a break and I should give them that, but call it selfish, I rather they than my family.

“We want them out of our hair truly” Tiffany blurted out and I looked away from them ashamed of myself and the chaos I brought with me.

“But your daughter is more like a sister to us sir. If staying here is the best for her, we won’t mind that” she added.

My father turned to me, sadness was written all over his eyes and it broke my heart to see that look he had. It’s been such a long time I saw that look with him. The look of helplessness and pain.

“Are you sure about this?” He asked.

“Connor….?”my mother didn’t approve.

“Don’t Abigail…” He interrupted her.

“She knows what she wants” I smiled at him and turned to my mother.

“I am sure. You don’t have to be worried about me”

With that said, they settled down and I pleaded with Tiana to help bring Ava. I was sure she was worried about me as well, my mother had also told me how worried she was and it wasn’t bad that I saw her. When Tiana left, Tiffany went about dinner and I got to seat and speak with my parents for a long time.

“You should have told us that you were being maltreated in that house Genesis. How long were you planning to keep this away from us?” Mother scolded.

“I wasn’t being maltreated ma,” I lied, not knowing why I was still covering up for Jordan.

“Don’t dare lie to me. I saw that other woman and the way she spoke and carried herself proved a lot” she raised her voice and I turned to her.


to your house with Jordan and saw her. And I am too sure that we wouldn’t have known if we didn’t go ourselves,” she explained and my heart dropped. I was protecting them so badly, I didn’t want them knowing about it, but

father called out and

he was pleading for a second chance, do

before he completed what it is

“I am never going back to him,

want to know what you want. We had forced you into doing something you didn’t want and it had yielded a bad result already. We do not

about Liam Chase

I asked, wondering why she was

his name or reputation” she answered. Rage filled my heart immediately and anger followed what I felt, how dare he? How could he threaten my

her that” Mr father interjected and I shook my

are we going to

a manipulator, he has no respect for me and would not just change his ways so easily. I

from the door and turned to it. Ava

she came running to me immediately. I wrapped my hands around her, remembering it was just a few days ago

leave Jordan? Why? He is a good person is he not?”

know him as much as I do. You don’t know what I have been through neither do you know what he has done” I snapped at

eyes, you would not know that because you haven’t given him a chance

given him a chance, that’s why we got married” I yelled angrily, turning to

“That was under terrible circumstances. He had thought you to be a bad person has he not?”

enough sister. Remember that in all this, he saved my life, brought me back to life, and gave me all the happiness in the world. He changed our lives, don’t forget that” she cried. I didn’t realize when she became

marriage is just a few months, a few months. None of you are even trying to make

“Ava…” I called

another woman, nothing would work, ever” I added sadly and pulled her by her arm so

you back isn’t he? If he didn’t want this marriage, he would have used this as an opportunity to marry the woman he loved, but no…he feels remorse” she said adamantly and I

should go back. This might just be your chance at a happy ending. I don’t want you to have an unhappy marriage because you didn’t try to,” she ·

he was willing to go to such length, I should just try my best as well. Truly, I didn’t want to end with such memories, a

into the beautiful compound and the memories of the first time I was

seen my husband kissing another woman. I pushed the thought away from my mind and stared out into the compound. It was

guard came forward and opened the door, and I took a

Guards came to an immediate halt and bowed to me. Then,

stepped into the house, it was quiet, too quiet and the familiar feeling that came with the house returned to

smile. She ran towards me and shrieked, but she stopped herself from hugging me. Her excitement made me feel happy and wanted, it was a nice feeling to know that

she yelled the moment she pulled away from me and slowly maids started coming out from where they had all been hiding. Soon I was

“We thought you would never

a fighter and his legal wife, she couldn’t just leave and now, you

deserves someone better than that wretch, I wish ……” Another was speaking and suddenly stopped talking. I noticed how it suddenly went quiet and they all had a different look. Then I saw Margaret steal a glance at the stairs and I did the same. That was when I saw Samantha, she was glaring at me from where

didn’t and stopped in front of me. His eyes filled with excitement and his lips on a thin line. The moment he stood in front of me, my heart skipped and I took a

“You came?” He said with a

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