Get Me Married

Get Me Married By Tori Chapter 66

Chapter 66: A good husband


I heard noises in my room and quickly opened my eyes. I wasn’t so deep in sleep and I spent the whole night rolling over and stressing over the decision I made. I wasn’t so sure I did the right thing and I didn’t want to end up regretting it. Coming back to Jordan was never a good idea from the start and the dreadful feeling in my stomach made my uneasiness worse.

I thought about it for so long till I decided to relax. I had made my decision, I had done what I had to do, thinking or worrying about what the future held for me wasn’t going to change anything at all. So I decided to let it all go and fortunately, that was the exact moment I felt like sleeping

I looked around my room to be sure of the noises I heard when I saw Margaret and Anna and realized it was morning already. I relaxed at the sight of them and took a deep breath.

“Good morning ma” they both chorused and I smiled. It was so nice seeing them being so happy over my return.

“Hope you slept well?” I asked. A yawn escaped my mouth and I stretched at the same time.

“Now that you are back, everything would be fine,” Anna said beaming at herself. I sighed and wished that what they said was the truth. Everything had to be perfect, everything had to work out fine or I would end up regretting my decision.

I said nothing and watched them arrange my clothes in my wardrobe before Anna brought out my phone. The one I left behind.

“It has been ringing for some time” she explained and handed it over to me. I took it from her while I mentally scolded myself. I was sure my parents had called and so would Tiana or Tiffany.

I went through the phone and found I had a lot of calls, calls I missed and just as I expected, my dad had called a lot and so did Tiffany. I was about to give one of them a call when my phone rang. Mom Leona was calling and I couldn’t help but sigh at the name.

“Mom Leona…” I called out.

“Oh! My baby girl. I am so glad to know you are back home” she said with enthusiasm.

“Jordan told me you returned yesterday. It’s such a relief to know you are going to work things out. I know it was hard and I am sorry for everything that happened. He learned his lessons and that bitch is also out of the house.” She continued.

“I can sense something good. He will finally be rid of that woman’s intoxication and it’s all because of you. You don’t realize how happy……”

Leona…” I interrupted, tired of hearing her

sorry to say this but I didn’t return because of your


about this mess of a marriage I am in right now, I can’t help but blame you. You put me in this mess and your husband,

did what?” She

threatened my parents…”

quiet. It might probably be unfair to her that I was reminding her of the wrong she did against me, but I also had all right to do that. She ruined my

he?” She yelled angrily then it went quiet, when I heard her voice again,

am very sorry for what I

am back in his mansion and it’s settled already,” I said

was in no mood to speak to her or anyone

a call to my mom and we spoke for a while. I was also able to talk to my father and Ava before we ended the conversation, then I called Tiana and was able to talk to Tiffany. When I was done with them, I turned to the bathroom, I had to

I noticed that their giggling had died down completely. I shrugged and thought nothing about it, so I went ahead to dry my hair and clean my body. But I needed someone to help me dry my hair for the most part so I called out to Anna. I got no response from her though but I called her name again and still, no one gave

of my bathroom just to see if they left. They had never left my room that way, at least Margaret makes sure I no longer need anything before she leaves

in my tracks when my eyes fell

smile. I glared at him in response, I didn’t understand what he would be doing in my room so

and he frowned but he quickly washed it

I sat down. And picked up the drier. I decided to dry my hair

me feel conscious of the towel


but will you come down for

of the maids is it not?” I

I am doing it because I want to”

disgusts me” I added angrily. Something flashed in his eyes, I could see his reflection from the mirror. But he lowered his gaze sadly.

Then I noticed he lifted his gaze and smiled at me. I stared at him warily, Jordan wasn’t the type to smile

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